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A reason to remember this year's Oscars

Hello Darlings!

Do you realize March is already here? So many great things are coming up this month and are already hapening: the Oscars, International women's day, new pen pals, weddings, taking a class, exciting posts, etc. 

I have to confess, I normally never watch any kind of award show except the Oscars because I am not going to lie, I enjoy watching movies very much. This is something my husband and I really enjoy doing, too much maybe (oups!). 

I also rarely write about this stuff but hey, I was actually looking forward to this year's Academy awards commonly known as the Oscars. I was in California 2 weekends ago and I got to see all of the ongoing preparations. Traffic was already pretty crazy so I can only imagine how it was this past weekend?!

So I put together a post about why I loved this year's academy awards and it can be described with one name: Lupita Nyong'o. 

You may be thinking, what's the big deal about her? 

The truth is, I wasn't even sure why I was drawn to her as an actress and why I kept following her awards and speeches so closely. I never told anyone, but every time she won, I felt like I won. 

Just like one would behold a rare but beautiful human being, I like that she is new on the scene, yet succesful. I love that her gorgeousness gives hope to all women that are often told by the media that we lack the light color eyes and "fair" skin (no matter what your shade is) and makes it completely irrelevant! I am proud of her short natural hair and her simple elegant look. I like that with her inspiring speeches she has invited us all to be part of her success. I really like that we get to see a different, stereotype- defying face in Hollywood. 

I like Lupita's success and presence on TV because it reminds me that even I (with lighter skin but still part of a minority) exist and that my stories matter and should be told. 

During her


at the Black Beauty Essence Magazine Award show, Lupita said that "We must get to the business of being beautiful inside, that which has no shade." (Or size I may add) 

I loved that and it directly resonates with what this blog stands for. Beauty and confidence in who we are cannot be faked or played (like one would in a movie) it can only come from the pleasure of knowing that even before birth,we were God's special idea and we still are the center of His love. 

In preparation for international women's day (Saturday, March 8) I have prepared a series of posts that are meant to celebrate the blessing, beauty, and power of being a woman, especially one that is truly free and confident in that she is loved beyond measure. Due to this exceptional week, I will also post during the weekend, stay tuned! 



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* Image via Google imaged & changed after the awards.