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Quotable Monday | A new definition for success

Happy Tuesday darlings, 

Hope this week is giving you a fresh start. This past weekend I took a break of pretty much everything and left town with my husband to clear our minds in a beautiful area of Puerto Rico called Fajardo. We were really fortunate to share this weekend with friends and hear great talks that have inspired me greatly and today I want to share small snippets from what we learned.  

For me it was all about evaluating why I do what I do; making an inventory of what my motivations truly are. I know this may seem very deep for a Tuesday morning but I am so glad I was confronted with some questions that often help me correct my perspective. I was challenged to value humbleness, servanthood, and my own weaknesses rather than try to hide them. All of which are completely contrary to the model of success set by our society. So I face a dilemma: Will I follow the leadership model set out by Jesus himself or will I follow society's? 

As we wrestled with these questions, I realized that it is harder than it appears to be. When we do something great, something selfless, something generous, we want to be recognized and applauded for it. However, why is that so satisfying? Is recognition what drives me? Those are legitimate questions that when asked sincerely, may challenge our definition of success. 

"It is better for us to be genuine than to try to appear to be perfect. Our strengths may win us popularity and perhaps prestige but our weaknesses, put in the hands of God, will instead gain Jesus many followers." - Pastor Brian Sutton

"There are too many books on leadership and not enough on servanthood which is in fact the only leading model that calls us to push others upwards as opposed to our own self" - Pastor Brian Sutton 

"Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ" - (Philippians 3:8)

What do you think? Have you ever thought about this? The best discussions happen below in the comment section so let me know what you think. 



Quotable Mondays | Between now and my next big move

Happy most-hated-day-of-the week day!

This weekly quotable Monday post myself has challenged and helped me in a variety of ways. First, it has helped me commit to a post series that I truly enjoy, but it's also making my Monday a lot more enjoyable, all while giving me an excuse to photograph my breakfast. I would say it's a win win. 

As I write this I am sitting on the couch alone as I hear the calming sound of rain falling and enjoying the gentle breeze that circulates during rainy season. As I sit here in the dark enjoying some alone time, I started thinking about the times in my life in which I have hit the end of the road in a certain  project, when a chapter of my life has ended and I've found myself faced with a clean slate. While that may sound exciting it has also been the scariest time of my life. You know that period in which you have no idea what your next step is. You want it to be a big, bold, satisfying move but often, that inbetween time is the most challenging one. So in preparation for this week's faith post I am sharing some Pinterest inspiration and other quotes that have inspired me in the past year and a half. 

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"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28) - This scripture gives me so much hope and I hope it will do the same for you. 

Stay tuned for the posts to come this week. Do you have quotes related to this that you like? Please share them with me, I would love to publish them. 



Quotable Monday | Collaboration with Karm (Free Printable)

Dear darlings, 

Today I am over the moon to be sharing this blog post for many reasons but mainly because in the past 2 weeks, two of my posts have been featured in two  wonderful sites (read here and here). I'm also ecstatic because of today's collaboration with Karm author of the beautiful Karmomo blog and that happens to be an amazing artist. 

Today she is sharing (drumroll) one of her beautiful creations as a free printable so you can have one of these beauties as well. To make this collaboration extra special, we picked my favorite quote for the month of October. It is by an extraordinary author that both Karm and I love: Mr. C.S. Lewis. 

So I say cheers to an epic "Quotable Monday", which is a series of inspirational quotes that you can share on Twitter directly from this blog. I also added some extra quotes that I've liked this past week to cheer you on the rest of this week. 

Don't you just love C.S. Lewis? I mean his ability to say so much with such few words will never cease to amaze me. Have you read something uplifting lately? Please do share in the comment section below and I will check it out. For more quotes and uplifting words check out my Instagram. Also, stay tuned for many exciting things that I will share with you this week! 

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Quotable Mondays Week 8

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian darlings out there!

Between watching the Girlmore Girls and cleaning out our soon to be beautiful terrace, we ran off to have a small picnic for two by the beach. As we ate we talked about the things that we are thankful for and watched the sunset. In short, this day has been wonderful. Basically, you sometimes just need to get out and breathe fresh air! So it's the end of the day but before it's over I am sharing some inspirational quotes that you can share on Twitter directly from this blog. 

Struggles often reveal our strength. Don't give up just yet!




Sometimes I should not be praying for a lighter load but rather for a stronger back

- (adapted from a friend's status)

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

-Psalm 34:8

Love this


a lot. Simple but true.

All these quotes share a common theme of encouragement for when we find ourselves in difficult

situations. After all, we have all had rocks in our shoes before. So I just wanted to empathize and share a bit of encouragement.

Have a wonderful week!


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Quotable Monday | Tweets That Inspire Week 7

Happy Monday darlings!

This morning I am back with quotable Mondays to share inspiration on "prioritizing". Like I shared last week, I've been participating on a Twitter chat on Tuesday evenings at 9 PM EST under the hashtag #fireworkpeople and some of these quotes are an extension of what we spoke about last Tuesday. One of the questions that caught my attention and that I often meditate on is: What can I do to get one step closer to achieving my dreams (whether it's career wise, spiritually or even learning a new hobby). I started thinking that for me, as a creative, I often get flooded with ideas and I often have to prioritize and sometimes do the things that I don't enjoy as much (obligations) in order to put myself in a position to have the necessary resources in order to do more of what I really want to do.

Here are some things I do and ask myself when making my to-do list:

- Are there any deadlines I have to meet that need my attention first?
- How long will my project take? (give yourself a determined block of time and always give yourself more time than what you first plan because chances are it will take longer)
- When working on a project, try not to multi-task because it actually takes away from productivity. To help with that, I set working times with little rewards at the end of the time that I plan to work for. It really inspires me because I love rewards. 
-I breakdown a bigger and more tedious task into a series of smaller projects that will take less time to complete. That way I can scratch things out of my list faster and feel a sense of accomplishment. 
- I usually share at least part of my list with someone for accountability purposes. 

How good are you at prioritizing? Do you have any tips on how to do so more effectively? 

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Quotable Monday | Inspirational Tweets

Today's quotes are mainly about timing. They are inspirational tweets for when we want to do something but feel like we are too late in the game. I've discovered, however, that you are never too late to learn something new or to take one more step to get you closer to that dream you've been  nurturing for years. I know that it takes guts, sometimes double the work that others put in. Take this post as a little wink of encouragement.

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle -Jon Acuff (Click the quote to Tweet)

If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives -Lemony Snicket

Big things often have small beginnings -unknown

The secret to getting ahead is getting started -Mark Twain

Above all be the heroine of your life not the victim -Nora Ephron

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. -Arthur Ashe

This last one is my favorite quote. It has helped me stay focused so many times on using and doing my best with what I have as opposed to waiting to have more in order to get busy. Honestly it's an old principle written in my favorite book that basically says that when we are faithful and diligent with little, more and bigger things will be trusted on to us.

And the cherry on this Monday is this passage "But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you" -Psalm 56:3

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