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Quotable Mondays | Inspirational Tweets Week No.6

Happy Tuesday darlings!

I am working on this extremely needed concept of "getting a routine" and as I work on it, I am reminded that bad habits die hard. Working from home has been amazing but I have sometimes felt like I lose control over my time and that it goes by so fast without actually feeling like I accomplished much. I discovered that it was because I tackled my day with a to-do list but without a routine or strategy in terms of time blocks.  So it's been 2 week since I started forging new habits, little by little. I am not perfect and I still don't follow this rigid schedule to the fullest but I see my behavior changing daily and I call those moments my "little victories". 

Today I am back with my Twittable quotes which is really making my Monday that much more fun. I am sharing some quotes from my Friday post about my desert obsession and how it has shaped me. If you missed it I hope you will go back and read it; it may give you hope. 

"a geography of apparent lack is actually a place of secret nurture" Darling Magazine (Click on this quote to Tweet)

Here's also a quote of my ever favorite character (since childhood) Anne of Green Gables "Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world" (Click on this quote to tweet)

"No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it."
1 Corinthians 10:13 (Click on his quote to tweet)

I am also excited to share that on Sunday I was featured on in which I was invited to share about how I started my blog, how a new blogger can grow their readership, and a bit about my blogging routine. It was really fun to do and I am thankful for the opportunity to meet new readers. Hope you will check it out! 

Do you have any encouraging quotes or tweets that you would like me to share on Mondays? Send me an email, I would love to read them! 



Quotable Monday | Inspirational Tweets

Today's quotes are mainly about timing. They are inspirational tweets for when we want to do something but feel like we are too late in the game. I've discovered, however, that you are never too late to learn something new or to take one more step to get you closer to that dream you've been  nurturing for years. I know that it takes guts, sometimes double the work that others put in. Take this post as a little wink of encouragement.

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle -Jon Acuff (Click the quote to Tweet)

If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives -Lemony Snicket

Big things often have small beginnings -unknown

The secret to getting ahead is getting started -Mark Twain

Above all be the heroine of your life not the victim -Nora Ephron

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. -Arthur Ashe

This last one is my favorite quote. It has helped me stay focused so many times on using and doing my best with what I have as opposed to waiting to have more in order to get busy. Honestly it's an old principle written in my favorite book that basically says that when we are faithful and diligent with little, more and bigger things will be trusted on to us.

And the cherry on this Monday is this passage "But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you" -Psalm 56:3

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Quotable Monday | Inspirational Tweets Week No. 4

Happy Monday darlings!

I love the feeling of a fresh start that comes with Mondays, even though I am often tempted to try and stretch my weekend as much as possible by having an extra slow start in the morning. However, I am hoping and planning for this week to be as productive as this past week. Today, I am back with more Twittables that you can simply share directly from this blog!

I almost finished reading my issue no. 8 of Darling Magazine, in preparation for the new one that is in the mail. That magazine is so full of inspiration, thought out articles and just such a creative and deep thread of thought from beginning to end. 

I am planning a week with a few DIY's that I've been holding off on  and a faith post that I am excited about. 

Have a great week! XOXO



Quotable Mondays Week No.3

hello darlings!

A quick peek from this much-needed break to say that I hope you had a relaxing, long weekend (here in America) or are having a great start where ever you are.Before I go back to my Netflix marathon, I would like to leave you with my


from this past weekend. Hope you enjoy them! 

"Slow down and truly enjoy the things that matter most" -

Val (Tweet it)

"Don't want to reach the end of my life and realize that I was always there but never

present" -Val (Tweet it)

"If He who in Himself can lack nothing chooses to need us, it is because we need to be needed" C.S. Lewis (Tweet it ) 

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Quotable Week No. 2 | Blog's Birthday GIVEAWAY of Some of My FavoriteThings

Happy Wednesday Darlings!

I've had an intense couple of days, but today I am a tad overjoyed because this week marks this blog's


 birthday. I am so thankful for each and every one of you that faithfully reads this blog and encourages me with your friendly comments. Above all, I'm thankful for the community of creatives that I've met and hopefully will keep meeting and connecting with. 

Also, on Monday I failed to share my second post of Twittable quotes, so here they are for you to tweet away.  

As this blog's first birthday approaches I am celebrating this week in two ways. First, I have written two photography articles (and here) to share some things that I have learned along the way and that you may find helpful and maybe even interesting. Second, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY that you can sign up for at the end of this post. 



Without further ado, here are some of my favorite quotes that inspired me this  past weekend. 

At the end of my days I do not wish to look back on my life and see that I was always there but never "present"- Valerie (Tweet it)

"It is wonderful what you can do when you have to."  C.S. Lewis (Tweet it)

"The difference between winners and losers is that winners kept playing until they won" - Kathryn Jackson (Tweet it)

I liked these quotes because they encourage me to be successful, to press on. However, I don't want to achieve anything in this world at the cost of the most important relationships in my life. As a result, I am presently in the middle of a big media intake assessment, trying to decide how I will diminish that. I will certainly share the journey with you.



The best way to say thank you to some of you that started following this blog from the very beginning and to you, new readers is to offer a giveaway with some of my favorite things. You have seen them photographed in different blog posts, and Instagram pictures because these are truly beautiful items that I use in my personal life.




Quotable | Weekend Thoughts N.1

Happy Monday Darlings!

I often have the greatest intentions of publishing amazing posts on Monday morning, but I often just have a thought or a very short blurb that I want to share, so I usually get on Twitter and participate in a chat or just tweet about it. This gave me an idea to start every Monday from now on with Twittable quotes; these are thoughts I've shared during the weekend and that may inspire you throughout the week and share concisely how they came about.  

Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose- C.S Lewis 
(Tweet it)

You were created with a purpose and you deserve to be loved accordingly. 
Don't settle for less - Me (Tweet it)

To be loved correctly, one must know Love personally in order to discern true from false - Me (Tweet it)

Yes, Love is a risk, but it's never harmful. Some people and memories we must leave behind to move forward- Me (Tweet it)

Lately, there have been a rampant amount of heartbreaks because of broken relationships in my surroundings. And as you know, matters of the heart are things that I feel very inspired to write about. So as I meditated on the different stories and gathered #realgirltalk stories for an upcoming post, I came up with these short quotes. What do you think? Have you had your heart broken before? How did you move on from there? 

Feel free to tweet these quotes and to write your own. I would love to read them. Also, stay tuned as I will be announcing a GREAT giveaway for this blog's upcoming birthday. Have a great week! XOX



Faith Post | About Haters

Hello Darlings, 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been reading the book of James for the third time this year and I have squeezed so much juice out of it. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do so. While I was meditating on it, I came across this Instagram quote by Lauren DeMoss 

"Doing something to prove someone else wrong is the wrong motivation to do anything." 

Sometimes we give way too much importance to haters or to negative people. I have come across quite a few (well intended) quotes encouraging people to prove them wrong by becoming successful at what they said you would not be. I have to admit when I first read them, it sounded good. For some reason, at that moment, indulging on my revengeful desire seemed so legitimate. Especially when it's written with a pretty font and everything like most repinned quotes on Pinterest are. However, I was confronted and asked myself the following question: Why should someone who does not encourage me, love me, or even pray for me have any of my attention, thoughts, or even worse, be the reason for my success? 

Let us not do anything to prove anyone anything, but whatever we do, let us do it for the glory of God and to accomplish His will and purpose in our lives. 

I found that when I let difficulties mold me and when "(...) endurance is fully developed, (I) will be perfect and complete, needing nothing." (James 1:4) In other words, negativity and struggle are inevitable, which means that instead of fighting it, I have the choice to adjust my sail and surrender that which bothers and hurts me to God and let Him teach me how to grow and forgive. Smart mouthing, or clever twitting comebacks to people are also negative ways for me to deal with it. Instead, I reluctantly (because hey, I have a lot to say to negative people) walk away from it because by doing so, I am dying to my self and letting patience do its work in me.  

I strive to spread love, positivity, and support to everyone with whom I cross paths. That being said, I only allow people that encourage me, love me, and pray for me to talk into my life and keep me accountable. 

  • Do you feel like trying something new but are afraid of what others may say?
  • Have an awesome project burning in your heart but feel like you are late in the game and perhaps others can do it better? 
  • You sometimes get discouraged to follow your dream because you sometimes wonder if it's worth it. 
Do not give up, please don't. This takes a lot of work and a lot of testing but through it all you are at the right place if you have decided to follow God's purpose for your life. 

How have you encountered negativity? How have you dealt with it? Have the results been freeing? 

Ps. I've been doodling lately and I have finally found the guts to share some of my summer inspiration (on the picture). I am also working on a retro bachelorette party for one of the prettiest brides ever, preparing posts and a few more exciting things coming up that I can't wait to share with you. What are your summer plans? Do share! 

"Let us not do anything to prove anyone anything, but whatever we do, let us do it for the glory of God and to accomplish His will and purpose in our lives." Tweet this



Faith Post | Confessions about my struggle to read the Bible

hello Darlings!

I can officially howl of excitement because as you've probably noticed, I am now posting twice a week. One of my weekly posts is usually a faith post and the second is usually a life style one. I am so happy with the response and how this blog is growing. It has become a place for me to share not only my inspirations, but soon my services as well. At the beginning of May, I am planning to launch a new project that I have been working on and I CAN NOT wait to share it with all of you!!!

Now today's post. Let me warn you, to some this post will seem both sacred and border line blasphemous because I share my life long struggle and lack of discipline when it comes to reading the Bible. Don't get me wrong, I loved the idea of being a diligent reader, but came to realize that I preferred the idea of being one more then actually practicing it. 

That being said, for some inexplicable reason, somewhere along my journey I had started to believe that there was only one correct way to read the Bible and study it. The kind of methodical and unenjoyable way that for my personality was not at and still isn't at all effective. 
When did it become God's desire for me not to enjoy what He had to say to me? 
Some time ago I read a blog post that made me chuckle and get teary-eyed all at once. Quite a few things she wrote resonated with me and inspired me to also tell my story. I share this because this story precisely highlights some of my favorite attributes of God. 
How would I meditate in God's word day and night when I could hardly get myself to study one passage a day consistently? *

I started to pay attention to the times I had enjoyed reading and studying the Bible.  This is an exercise that I still have to repeat often. Today I am sharing it with you in case you want to try it.
  • I enjoyed reading the Bible when it felt natural by integrating it to the most unusual parts of my life. Having the audio version on my mobile phone, read by the man with the best narrative voice, while doing my nails, exercising or simply having quiet time makes it feel like an integral part of my life. 
  • There are times in my life when I've preferred to study the Bible by topics and not by books. I clearly remember a really lonely and sad time when I felt drawn to study humility (weird right?) but through it, I found so much peace.
  • There have been other times when I've found myself in a place in my journey where I've enjoyed reading passages on my own and then discussing it in a group. I literally saw my life change through the challenging and rich exchanges. 
  • Lately, I've started to draw again (after almost 12 years) and a lot of what I am doing has to do with watercolor paint and quotes that are often from the Bible. This is helping me (without trying) to memorize new scriptures.
  • The other day I lingered in bed and found myself quoting out loud all the psalms and scriptures I knew by heart. I cried and laughed because it brought me back to all the family games my parents organized for us to learn the Bible. But it made me happier to know that I somehow understand those passages differently now and that others I am still wrestling and struggling with.
  • I have also enjoyed reading the Bible with the community of She Reads Truth. I created a photo journal on Instagram through which I've  shared my journey in practical ways with many of you. This growing community has been  a great support providing encouragement, feedback, and such relevant insight. 
Will there be times where I don't want to read the Bible regardless of my creative ways? Will there be times where don't feel like praying even? Absolutely. There are days when I read more and days when I read less, but I don't stop. We are all different and no one really knows how much should be read every time we open the Bible. There have been times in my life when I have been stuck on the same verse, chapter, or book for months, reading it over and over again.
However, it is key that we understand that God is not looking for perfection but for hearts who genuinely long for Him and delight in knowing Him. Choose progress over perfection, grace over guilt, freedom over condemnation. I have understood that reading the Bible does not transform me, unless I allow it to do what it was meant for: to know Him. * Joshua 1:8



I love me | turn my dream into a goal

Hello Darlings,

Today's post is about allowing ourselves to dream; about how important it is for each of us to find our voice, our unique sense of purpose and fulfill the destiny given to us using our gifting. I'd also like to suggest some simple steps to get you started.  

I wanted to put our "I love me" series on "pause" for a bit as we talk about other topics. But before we move on, I wanted to conclude the series with something that can hopefully empower you. 

William Jennings said that destiny is not a matter of chance; it's not a thing to be waited for, it's a thing to be achieved. 

What is your dream?

What have you been daydreaming about recently?  You know, that daydream that you can't help indulging on; the one that makes heart race, and your brain go crazy with ideas to the point of practically exploding? Just talking about it make your eyes shine. The problem for some of us, is that we like so many things that we can hardly pinpoint one career that could encompass all of what we wish to do on a daily basis. As a result, we continue trying conventional jobs (that we sometimes don't really like), hoping that one day our dream job will cross our path. 

I recently heard a talk from a young entrepreneur called Hilary Rushford about how she has created and developed (successfully) her dream career. I used some of the principles she mentioned, combined with what has been happening in my own life in the past 9 months to write this post. 

Saint Antoine Exypery said that "A goal without a plan is just a wish" so, let's plan!

Shirt Forever 21 | Pants H &M | Shoes Payless | Cuff & ring Vintage

We create providence

This step is called: making space to allow God to work. Yes, it is true that our steps are ordered by God (Psalm 37:5) and in so many ways our instincts and our heart's desires are skewed by our own experiences and sinful nature. However, the verse right before that says that we should delight ourselves in our relationship with our God, who has "wired" each one of us with different abilities, gifts and inclinations that when used properly, not only makes us feel alive but also helps to inspire others to shine as well. 

In 2009, I became a full time minister (which in my case, speaking and teaching the Bible is part of my gifting and wiring), which was really exciting and it empowered my entrepreneurial spirit because it meant that I would be self-employed. It's funny because this is what I had always wanted, but it was not until I sat down to write this that I realized it.  It just goes to show how God has funny and unexpected ways of answering our prayers. But I want to point out that when I was offered the opportunity to be trained in order to obtain my license, I made the decision to say yes, and to take action. If you ever want a dream to become reality, you must take one step forward. God can not take the step for us, He is ahead; He knows the end of the story. He is actually waiting for us to catch up with Him. 

Tip 1: Take action. A dream begins when it ends, when it morphs into a goal by you taking action. We sometimes talk and think too much about what we would do, but never really take action (take that first step). 

Free bonus: Amazingly, when we look to God for answers about who we ought to be, instead of searching for the answer within ourselves, we discover our essence, our true self; not the one marred by our selfishness and negativity that is rooted in sin and brokenness. Finding ourselves in Him frees us to tap into our dreams and thrive. 

When one career is not enough

A recent graduate (Criminology), with a newly acquired license (for ministry), I left home to start a new adventure. This adventure was better than school in a myriad of ways because the learning curve was so steep that I honestly, now feel it was worth thousands of dollars; it was life changing. However, the the thrill of the a adventure ran out, but not before unveiling that teaching and preaching, in conventional ways, were not the only things I liked. I discovered that I also liked to train people and help them create systems to be more efficient in their work. I also discovered that I had a natural flair for event planning, and I was also very successful at being an interpreter/translator (in 3 languages). I uncovered a passion for writing that was buried in me, and I found that though I love traveling, I must admit, actually living out of a suitcase for most of the year is really exhausting. 

After all that, I still felt like something was missing. One day, with tears in my eyes, feeling flustered and frustrated, I vented  to God in prayer. During this outpouring of my heart, I understood that I was miserable because for so many years I had not allowed myself to be artistically creative (which is also big part of my wiring). Artists will understand when I say, that the day I started looking for creative outlets, I started feeling alive and joyful again.

Tip 2: You don't have to be ONE thing in life. If God has given you the ability and inclination for many things that don't seem to coexist, stop fighting it or trying to bury part of you. He wants all of you and He smiles when you use it all to shine light in this world. 

No one benefits from you being "voiceless" or aimless

Many times we are not turning our dreams into goals because we are afraid of our own greatness and the influence our voice could have. Sometimes we simply are not sure where to start. Like Marianne Williamson says, it is often not our darkness but how bright our light can shine which intimidates us.

We sometimes digress in order to shield ourselves from criticism, to shy away from attention or to insure that we will not fail. But this story is not complete without your input, and no one benefits from us playing small. 

What is your special gift? What is your passion? What has gotten in the way of to you discover it, developing it, and putting it to work? 

There is a place for you in this spectrum. 

Tip 3: Don't be discouraged because what you're dreaming of doing has already been done. You are unique, so look for ways to put your own spin and personality on it and it will attract and bless your own, tailored audience. I am not an expert, but I have experienced this in my own life. The greatest growth and opportunities are the ones that happen organically, through real relationships because they reveal to be sustainable and satisfying.


In the past months, while spending many days in meditation, retreat with my Heavenly Father (and all my thought), and attending school, I have found a new confidence in how my purpose will look in this season of my life and how it will have shaped new goals; most of which aim on how my world will benefit from my gifts in the near future. I am so glad to have you come along for the ride with me. I will keep you updated every step of the way as my new ventures unfold. 

Here are some practical steps that I'd like to share with you: 

How is the world going to benefit from all that greatness inside you? 

With love- Val