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Faith Post | Let it go!

Hello Darlings,

Today I am writing from my bed and even though I am feeling under the weather I had planned an uplifting post and here it is. Today we are talking about letting go. I know, how is that uplifting? It is almost as hard to write about this topic as it is to practice it. But in all honesty, I have learned through the years that letting go is always a step in the right direction. 

We have all found our selves at the end of a relationship, whether it be a friendship or a love relationship, either by choice or not it is never an easy thing to accept. Every individual deals with it differently and while some may grieve and quickly move on, others will try to hold on for a long time  and can be so detrimental to future relationships or to our future period. 

♥ A blank slate can make a perfect canvas.
A broken relationship is usually accompanied with lots of shattered dreams and future projects. It's almost like building a home in the clouds and having it wiped away by an emotional tsunami. It leaves an emptiness and absence. All that white space may perhaps offer you a blank canvas to start painting your own dream, your own adventure on your own terms. I encourage you today to start thinking of all that crazy stuff, and huge dreams and start making a step today to get you closer. 

♥ All your eggs were in one basket? Take them out
So many times we bank all of our happiness based on an individual's ability to stay in our lives or on something we can loose. I know I have. I have given people the power to give and to take away not only MY joy but my happiness altogetherThe problem with that is, that even the person with best intensions in the world can not keep this promise because no one can guarantee tomorrow. I've learned that I should never give that power to another human person because happiness happens not to be a person but rather a journey. In my case the journey with my maker made me discover who I am, that I am much stronger then I thought, that I am enough and that I carry within me a purpose for living that does not depend on another person's failing promises. This journey has been extraordinary and has thought me to stand on my two feet and given me confidence to explore and actually make my dreams come true. Where is your deep and constant happiness coming from?

♥ Life as you know is over, but you are not dead.
I know when you are grieving after a relationship, it is very hard to imagine that there is any possibility (or desire) of life after this excruciating experience. However, the end of this chapter is not the end of the book. One of the most incredible things to me is the ability of the heart to heal and to love again if we give it proper time  and in my case to be nursed and cared for by the hands of the One who made it.

You are still breathing, in the midst of the sobs and heartwrenching pain, there's a heartbeat and there's breath and that is important because it signifies that your purpose and YOUR ability to dream again are not over. This is the time to start thinking about that trip you always wanted to take, that book deal you've been imagining or even that work out program that you've meaning to sign up for. This time is for you. 

Accept the choice
We've all had people that have willingly walked out of our lives and others that we've pushed away for different reasons. As sad as it is, they made the choice to walk out and there comes a time when we have to accept that and not make it about ourselves. We have to face that their decision does not make us less of a person or less deserving of love. You have been created with a great purpose and you deserve to be loved accordingly. Please do not settle for less. 

It may be tempting to try to reason, blame or simply justify a person breaking your heart especially when the person comes back wanting to be in your life again. First, this is usually great news because we all want the story to end well but sometimes we are not ready yet. Please remember how important you are and how happy you deserve to be but if you are incapable of doing so away from that person, take time to reconsider. 

Note: I want to thank everyone that has shared their stories with me through social media, and this post is meant to give you hope but I don't want in any way to minimize your pain or struggle. You are worth so much and you are loved. 

It's friday! enjoy your weekend, and exceptionally this week I will break my free weekend rule and post tomorrow my second photography post that I've been planning to share. Today my collaboration with Ardent magazine was published and next week I will be announcing this blog's birthday giveaway! Stay tuned. 



Faith Post | About Haters

Hello Darlings, 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been reading the book of James for the third time this year and I have squeezed so much juice out of it. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do so. While I was meditating on it, I came across this Instagram quote by Lauren DeMoss 

"Doing something to prove someone else wrong is the wrong motivation to do anything." 

Sometimes we give way too much importance to haters or to negative people. I have come across quite a few (well intended) quotes encouraging people to prove them wrong by becoming successful at what they said you would not be. I have to admit when I first read them, it sounded good. For some reason, at that moment, indulging on my revengeful desire seemed so legitimate. Especially when it's written with a pretty font and everything like most repinned quotes on Pinterest are. However, I was confronted and asked myself the following question: Why should someone who does not encourage me, love me, or even pray for me have any of my attention, thoughts, or even worse, be the reason for my success? 

Let us not do anything to prove anyone anything, but whatever we do, let us do it for the glory of God and to accomplish His will and purpose in our lives. 

I found that when I let difficulties mold me and when "(...) endurance is fully developed, (I) will be perfect and complete, needing nothing." (James 1:4) In other words, negativity and struggle are inevitable, which means that instead of fighting it, I have the choice to adjust my sail and surrender that which bothers and hurts me to God and let Him teach me how to grow and forgive. Smart mouthing, or clever twitting comebacks to people are also negative ways for me to deal with it. Instead, I reluctantly (because hey, I have a lot to say to negative people) walk away from it because by doing so, I am dying to my self and letting patience do its work in me.  

I strive to spread love, positivity, and support to everyone with whom I cross paths. That being said, I only allow people that encourage me, love me, and pray for me to talk into my life and keep me accountable. 

  • Do you feel like trying something new but are afraid of what others may say?
  • Have an awesome project burning in your heart but feel like you are late in the game and perhaps others can do it better? 
  • You sometimes get discouraged to follow your dream because you sometimes wonder if it's worth it. 
Do not give up, please don't. This takes a lot of work and a lot of testing but through it all you are at the right place if you have decided to follow God's purpose for your life. 

How have you encountered negativity? How have you dealt with it? Have the results been freeing? 

Ps. I've been doodling lately and I have finally found the guts to share some of my summer inspiration (on the picture). I am also working on a retro bachelorette party for one of the prettiest brides ever, preparing posts and a few more exciting things coming up that I can't wait to share with you. What are your summer plans? Do share! 

"Let us not do anything to prove anyone anything, but whatever we do, let us do it for the glory of God and to accomplish His will and purpose in our lives." Tweet this