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Date Day | Farmer's market in Old San Juan

hello Darlings!

So today I am introducing a new series, to let you in on some of our dates and let you discover a little more about the beautiful island in which we live. I hope you will enjoy the tons of pictures we have for you! On Saturday, we finally woke up early enough to visit the Farmer's Market in Old San Juan (it usually happens from 8:00 AM-1:00 PM). We took advantage of the colorful walls to walk around and found perfect spots for pictures.

With my husband being in ministry and simultaneously juggling a full time job, our days off have become sacred and extra special. We make it a point that no matter what is happening, we have to at least have one date a week that we document. You know? let my hair down, put some lipstick on and maybe even shave my legs. 

So this is the part where I stop talking and let you enjoy!

Organic produce, fresh home-grown flowers, loads and loads of beautiful bread loaves, music, cheese, gluten free pastries, and of course a fresh cup of coffee (or like we call it here a cortadito).

I tasted "guarapo" which is basically sugarcane juice that is squeezed (through the machine below) and the guy even squeezed half an orange in there just to give it a twist. It was really good, but a little too sweet for my taste. 

Old San Juan never gets old to us with its vibrant colors everywhere, street art and just this overall sense of ease and happiness (like you are constantly on vacation). 

This flag is important and meaningful because it is the one Puertoricans had before the USA changed the blue on it to match the American flag. 

Below, see the pictures I took of my very handsome husband. (insert drool)