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Coups de Coeur | September

Hello darlings,

Taking a quick break from my work to peek in and share my September coups de coeur (french for my favorite things) during the month that just ended. I mean September is cool by itself just because it brings us Fall, but I also lived and discovered little treasures that I love to share in one post today. 

Instagram September recap.

1. I have been loving sharing Quotable Mondays. It is basically a post with some of my favorite twittable quotes directly from  my blog. I am starting to partner with bloggers that also do hand lettering to bring pin-worthy quotes that would be published on Mondays. Are you interested in collaborating with me? Let me know! PS. This picture also represents this month's celebration of National coffee day!

2. So happy to have been featured in 2 different blogs this month for which I wrote a short interview. The first was a food related interview on Heartbeet Kitchen Blog that is run by author and fabulous cook Amanda. She also shared a delicious treat here that you need to check out! I was also featured on Allyslewis website in which I shared a bit about how I decided to grow and manage my blog.  If you missed it, you can read it here

3. A sea of neon balloons for a children's program in which I participated this month. 

4. In this month I made my first pie (from scratch) ever! I wrote a whole post about it to share the full adventure. 

5. This month I received my first Deeply Rooted Magazine that came with a beautiful, small print with a spiritual thought for me to display on my wall. I am slowly reading it and I am enjoying some of the stories of creatives and how they use their talents to glorify God and be a light in the world. I discovered that it is more of a young adult women kind of magazine. Some topics applied to me but for others I will have pull it out when I get to that stage of life. 

6. I shared a DIY that I love and use in my house. A neon macrame plant hanger, what is there not to love?!

Coups de Coeur

I am not a big follower of style or fashion blogs, but I discovered this one from my hometown and I love it! 

Do you have a hard time transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? Here are some unusual ways to do it that I truly enjoyed reading. This blogger is the most creative, style blogger that I've seen in terms of putting outfits together. I have been following her for a while, not only because of her thrifty style that is according to my my own heart, but also for her writing. 

I started joining a new Twitter chat on Tuesday evenings at 9 EST under the hashtag #fireworkpeople. It is a community of creatives that get together to encourage each other on following our dreams, making things happen and use our gifts to uplift others. Join their Facebook page if you wish to check it out!

This month the new Darling Magazine came out and I am so happy. I enjoy reading the articles and pacing myself so that I can really take in all the beauty. Join the #realnotretouched movement. 

I got a membership on Skillshare and have done quite a few classes already but be sure to check out the ones by Justina Blakeney. I've loved her blog, her style, and I've faithfully followed her on Pinterest so when I saw that I could take her class I was ecstatic! Sign up for a free month and take her styling class here

If you are a magazine junkie like me, you will be happy to learn about this magazine called Thryve Magazine. Their message is constructive, challenging, and they have amazing photography. I was glad to come across it through some friends. 

Two exciting launches this month: Christian Girl Magazine launched their site and I am so happy for them! Also, my blogger friend over at Dearly Loved Blog re-lauched her site and if you love reading posts full of insight and simultaenoesly biblically sound, you will love her blog! 

As you know, I love instagram so so much, and here are my 3 favorite IG accounts at the moment: here, here and here.

Movies I loved watching lately, which 2 are food related movies: Chef, 100 foot journey and Begin again.

Enjoy October XOXO



Coups de Coeur | August

Hello September!

Just like that darlings, we are in a brand new month (time to turn the page of that gorgeous calendar). There are so many things I love about September, my favorite being how Fall announces its arrival; with subtle hints like a change in temperature or leaves slowly embracing a new color. Living on a tropical Island, we experience a slight change but nothing too drastic. In other words, we can still hit the beach while everyone is shifting their wardrobes to cozy knits and finding pumpkin everything (think Starbucks), which I am not going to lie, makes me a bit nostalgic. Today I am sharing a monthly roundup of some of my favorite things (Coups de coeur) that I either discovered or simply enjoyed in the month of August. 

To start, here is a compilation of my favorite Instagram snaps. Welcome to all new followers that have joined the party and the daily devotional discussions. I am truly growing through your input and love reading and looking at your own IG. 

From left to right ♥ 
1 | Published 2 Photography Posts to help guide anyone interested in improving their Instagram plus my favorite picture editing apps for my blog.
2 |  Lots of serenading this month. Read more about it here.
3 |  I contributed content for two magazines! If you missed it and want to take a look, check out the "Secret Garden" article in Ardent Magazine and "3 Limeade Iced Lollies" in Cellar Door Magazine. As you know, I am a regular contributor for Ardent Magazine and truly love it. The two girls behind it have such a great vision, a great eye for content. They've gathered a great team of collaborators and are the sweetest. Follow the magazine on Instagram and keep up with what's new.
4 |  Your typical Palm picture that comes with the blessing of living on a tropical island. Some of the things I see during my run.
5 |  How can I explain how much we love belgian waffles? Here is yet another picture of the many ways we like to eat them.
6 |  Published a Faith post that gained a lot of attention called "Let it go!" which I wrote from the comfort of my bed that day.
7 |  Picture taken as we walked out of the office where I received the official document that makes this Canadian girl a permanent resident in the US of A.
8 |  We spent a few days in Orlando this past month and took time to relax with our family. Thankful for that awesome bed.
9 |  Last but not least, our homemade pizza day tradition has gotten an upgrade since I discovered Darling Magazine's peach pizza recipe.

My Coups de coeurs (french for favorite things) of August

I celebrated this this blog's first birthday this month! And to thank each one of you, I am (still) hosting a giveaway that you can be part of (until Sept. 5, 2014). I am very thankful for all of you that read this blog, share and interact on different social media platforms with me. I truly enjoy it and I feel very blessed that you let me share my heart with you. A HUGE thank you!

At the beginning of the month of August I also had the pleasure to be the guest judge of the photography project under the hashtag #livethelittlethings on Instagram put together by Igers: Megan Magers and Brandi. Here are the 4 pictures I picked for that week. 

♥ For a second time, I am happy to announce that my photography is being used to illustrate the current "She Reads Truth" (Hosea) devotional plan on  Instagram. I am so so happy since they have honestly been such a blessing to my life and if you are a reader of this blog you may know that already since I talk a lot about them. 

 3 new books on my list, two of which are recipe books! Weird right?! In the past year I have truly fallen in love with food photography and food blogs. So when great bloggers write a book, well, I crack and put it on my list of books to buy and read (I presently have like 20 books on the list, help!) Smitten with Squash (a new friend blogger is the author), Top with Cinnamon (an 18 year old is the author! What?!) and Happy Handmade Home (My favorite blogger has done it again). I will write more about each book when I get them, I promise!

♥ These 2 Youtube videos had me cracking up! (First & Second)

♥ Best Pin advice ever! 

Read this article, it really gave me hope. 

♥ I discovered this magazine (as you know I am a magazine junkie) and their shop that offers cute journals and totes. I am looking forward to their full blown launch this Fall. 

♥ I am late to the party, I know, but I bought Moriah Peters "Brave" CD and I am presently jamming to "You Carry Me". Have you heard of it? I am loving it. 



July | Coups de Coeur

Hello Darlings!

How can it be August already? The first week of August in Puerto Rico means that we will still have  summer heat for a while (yay!) but it also means that school has just started and that my husband is going back to work (boo!).  So today I am sharing with you my July Coups de Coeur (french for favorites) and I hope that you are inspired by it. 

My Monthly Instagram Recap

1. The highlight of July was definitely spending a few days with my family in Montreal and being able to explore amazing coffee shops, see some dear friends, and just enjoy all the diversity of the city I call my first home. 

2. Perfect depiction of our little tradition that we have before every trip or before every grocery purchase day, it has to do with being creative and making a new recipe out of whatever is left in the fridge. Thanks to Project pick it for featuring one of my pictures and the stories I often attach to them! 

3. This month I published a post on one of my childhood frozen treats and I really had fun taking pictures for it. I actually made the Frozen Banana Pops for my Sunday school class of pre-teens that I happen to love and have tons of fun with. 

4. This map picture really depicts how many times we had to pack and unpack for a trip during this month. In between one of those trips I took a little break and treated myself to a mani and pedi at our local Essie Nail bar. I wish you one close by. 

5. Once again, I participated in this month's "Between Lenses" photography collaboration created by two great bloggers and curated by any blogger that desires to link up. This month's theme was "movement" and this is the picture I chose to share. 

6. Last but not least a picture of my husband's hands pouring coffee for both of us, one of my favorite pictures I took this past month. Thanks to Village Style community for featuring this picture on their Instagram account. 

My Coups de Coeur

My favorite bloggers have launched a second app that happens to be really fun, especially for photo strips.  Have you downloaded the Party App? What do you think?  

Have you ever had an Instagram crush? This blogger, that also happens to be a stylist and a designer for children's clothes, is one of the reasons I spend too much time on Instagram in the first place. She blogs about her life in Brooklyn with her little girl, new born baby, and husband. I love how real about life she is and how colorful her thrifted wardrobe is. Welcome to the new baby! 

A great find for me lately has been the "Printable Planner for Procrastinators" created by Sofia Cope. It is really colorful and features a beautifully design I'm sure will inspire you to take action , the first of which should be taking advantage of the discount you can find on her website until August 15, 2014. 

Thanks to a fellow blogger that has been a guest here, I am now completely hooked on podcasts by Jess Lively (The Lively Show). My recent, over eager attitude when volunteering to do dishes may give it away because now I get to listen them while I clean. The podcasts are short and varied. She brings all these amazing people to talk about their business experience in such a fun and relevant way. 

Discovered a new Christian Magazine, that makes a magazine lover like me very happy. Deeply Rooted Magazine is about to publish their second printed issue, but you can also get them digitally. For a visual person like me, that also loves to talk and connect with people that have faith, this magazine is a breath of fresh air. 

Also if you haven't done it, I suggest that you download the "She Reads Truth" app to read the Bible with a great community of women, accompanied by beautiful photography and beautifully designed study packs. I am currently a little behind because I started the "Sermon on the Mount" study a bit late but I am enjoying it so much. 

"God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him,

    for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs | Matthew 5:3"
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June | Coups de Coeur

Hello Darlings, 

I know I am very very late for a June recap but I really want to do it because I love to look back on what really inspired me during the month. I've been on vacation for the past 2 weeks in my home town, enjoying being spoiled rotten by my parents and celebrating my sister's wedding. Only 2 weeks and I feel so renewed and rested. Do you have a place of solace that whenever you go there you feel rested, loved and renewed? 

here is my June Instagram recap: 
1 | May's Coups de Coeur was featured in Bonjour Bloggers at the beginning of June, which is how I discovered them and have since then been an avid reader of their blog that is so full of guidance for bloggers. 

2 | I wrote a review on the legendary book "The Fault in Our Stars" and I watched the movie with some diehard fans. One blogger friend says that this book will probably go down in history as one of the most quotable books ever. What do you think? I mean I did hold back on tweeting every single good quote because there was one every couple of pages, ha! 

3 | I had incredible amounts of coffee this month, as I always do since I married my "coffee junkie husband". I think that after searching high and wide, we have discovered the spot that makes some of the best carrot cake in San Juan. So moist, so fresh and the fact that they also happen to have great coffee is almost like a bad joke because it keeps making you come back for more and more. 

4 | In the month of June I also became a contributor for Ardent Magazine and wrote a short article with some pictures of a picnic in "El Yunque" which is the rainforest of Puerto Rico. I had so much fun doing it that I can't wait to share more. Make sure to check all their fabulous articles, full of such great photography. 

5 | Maybe you've noticed that pineapples are the star fruit of this summer. They are everywhere but for me this has always been my favorite fruit. I love that I can just step out and get some huge ones from the road vendor that comes by our apartment with his truck daily. I also shared a fresh salad recipe (that I am particularly proud of) that has nothing to do with pineapples but rather with another tropical fruit but I still used it because the one I got that day looked so gorgeous. 

6 | That is one of my favorite pictures of our anniversary getaway. We did a road trip from one side to the island to the next, hitting awesome beaches and sleeping in different hotels, of which "La Teraza" in San Juan is my favorite. Not only do they have the nicest personnel working there and making sure you have endless fresh coffee and pastries in the main lobby but just the modern look of those awesome rooms in a restored Old San Juan home. Not to mention the rooftop infinity pool that is opened 24/7 and has a magnificent view of Old San Juan and is just fun to visit in the middle of the night and crack jokes on each other as we attempt to stay up as long as we can without falling asleep. A nice hotel worker took this awesome picture of us. We will be back very soon! 

♥ Paper Fashion artist (one of my favorite) was featured in Rue Magazine in June, which includes a tour of her classy apartment. I loved that the article because it includes part of her story. I love all her work but this one is special and I published the link on my blog's Facebook page before. 

♥ Design love fest blog is known for many things but honestly though, have you ever downloaded one of their "dress you tech wallpapers"? So many talented artists featured there. Amazing. 

♥ My June Instagram crush, and the one that makes me fat just because of all the great food on it that I want to eat. Never make the mistake of checking her account at night, like I have. Also, she was recently featured as a suggest user by Instagram and I am so happy for her because honestly, she is awesome. 

♥ Did you know that national donut day was in June? Yeah this great blogger made it a week of donut related DIY's and they are ADORABLE! 

♥ Discovered a magazine called Whole Magazine and their articles are so amazing! I know that many of my readers would love their uplifting articles so full of the truth that comes from God's word. 

♥ Have you ever thought of replicating a famous person's portrait with foliage? I find that the epitome of creativity. this super talented blogger, interior designer, etc makes me want to remodel my tiny apartment all the time. Two of her hashtags (#BloomsOnBlack #FaceTheFoliage) are an endless pool of creative beauty. 

♥ She Reads Truth Ministry has a STORE with study packs that are not only super cute but so enriching  because it helps you study the word of God. I can honestly not express in words how much I have been blessed through these devotionals as we go through books of the Bible together as a community. there is so much wisdom and truth. What do you think of giving one of these away as a gift to one of this blog's reader?

 Last but certainly not least, today I am joining Malala Day on her birthday to celebrate some of the progress that has occurred on the women's education front. However, there is still so much more to be done. Today, be sure to go on social media and write that you are #StrongerThan Fear and the enemies of education. As a birthday gift, you can also give to the cause of empowering women around the world through the powerful tool of education, a cause for which nearly cost her her life.

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