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Quotable Mondays | Inspirational Tweets Week No.6

Happy Tuesday darlings!

I am working on this extremely needed concept of "getting a routine" and as I work on it, I am reminded that bad habits die hard. Working from home has been amazing but I have sometimes felt like I lose control over my time and that it goes by so fast without actually feeling like I accomplished much. I discovered that it was because I tackled my day with a to-do list but without a routine or strategy in terms of time blocks.  So it's been 2 week since I started forging new habits, little by little. I am not perfect and I still don't follow this rigid schedule to the fullest but I see my behavior changing daily and I call those moments my "little victories". 

Today I am back with my Twittable quotes which is really making my Monday that much more fun. I am sharing some quotes from my Friday post about my desert obsession and how it has shaped me. If you missed it I hope you will go back and read it; it may give you hope. 

"a geography of apparent lack is actually a place of secret nurture" Darling Magazine (Click on this quote to Tweet)

Here's also a quote of my ever favorite character (since childhood) Anne of Green Gables "Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world" (Click on this quote to tweet)

"No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it."
1 Corinthians 10:13 (Click on his quote to tweet)

I am also excited to share that on Sunday I was featured on in which I was invited to share about how I started my blog, how a new blogger can grow their readership, and a bit about my blogging routine. It was really fun to do and I am thankful for the opportunity to meet new readers. Hope you will check it out! 

Do you have any encouraging quotes or tweets that you would like me to share on Mondays? Send me an email, I would love to read them! 



May | My Coups de Coeur

hello Darlings,

Yes! Believe it or not May is ending, but it is not leaving us without great memories. I have been reading great monthly wrap ups from many other bloggers and so I am starting one this month as an extension of that. I have my own "goodies" that I have discovered during the month and I will share them with you at the end of each month from now on.  

Without further ado, here is a grid of my favorite May snapshots.

1 | My feed has one weekly food snapshot of some sort and it's usually breakfast because we eat breakfast at any time of the day. 

2 | Yes, I did an entire photo shoot just to feature my new kimono. I love the colors so much and I have to keep myself from wearing it constantly. I got mine from Forever 21. 

3 | This month I hosted a jewelry party for the amazing company called 31 Bits. I am in love with not only their products but also their mission and what they stand for. If you are looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe this summer and simultaneously help change people's lives, check them out!

4 | This picture was the one featured in Darling Magazine's Instagram feed. That magazine just happens to be one of my favorites. I just love the community they have built around it. If you want to know why I took that picture you can read more about it on my Instagram

5 | Yep, that little person in the pink dress is me! I got to stand in that awesome place in front of the Cabo Rojo light house at the South Western tip of Puerto Rico. My husband took me to the dreamiest location to celebrate our anniversary (I will share all the pictures next week). I am in love with this place (and with the man obviously), as a matter of fact, I wanted to stay there!

6 | To many, 1 year of marriage is nothing but we are so happy that I may or may not have overgram pictures of us and our wedding. In any case, we are so blessed to have each other and though we lived many scary adventures this year, it still feel like it flew by. 

:: Other exciting Features ::

Ministry She Reads truth, which I have written about many times, used my photography to illustrate one of their Bible reading plans and I was so honored that they asked. 

Also, thanks to project Pick it (an Instagram feed that dedicates itself to share other people's stories and unique moments) for featuring  the picture of my sister and I. 

♥ Discovered this awesome blog post (Wonder and wandering) and the blogger has become my pen pal (if you can call email communication that). She is sweet and we just feel like we are friends already. 

Hosted my first Twitter #lbloggers Chat this past Wednesday and met so many awesome bloggers. Our topic was "What makes a blogger Inspirational?"- I am in love with words so doing a word check during the chat was awesome. Join the chat on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM (EST) or 7:00 PM (UK)

Two great ladies passed away this month. One was an unknown hero and a friend of mine the other was Maya Angelou. Here is a guide to her most beloved books. 

♥ Instagram crush lately...

♥ I am not sure what people did with short videos before this one, but I don't want to know

♥ I am itching to try this genius Ikea hack!

♥ This blog is new to me, and I have to admit that I have spent an unhealthy amount of time swooning  (probably more like drooling) over this blogger photography and actually reading her funny captions and posts. Well done! 

♥ I am obsessed with Garance Doré's collaboration paper products with Anna Riflebond. I got quite a few items already and I am now looking forward to her wallpaper

Studied the book of James this whole month and still feel like I can continue, I participated in the #lampandlight reading challenge (on Instagram) this month and I gained so much from it. 

What are you excited about? Please share the link to your monthly wrap ups, or weekly if you have them or feel free to simply comment about what you are up to. 



Faith Post | Confessions about my struggle to read the Bible

hello Darlings!

I can officially howl of excitement because as you've probably noticed, I am now posting twice a week. One of my weekly posts is usually a faith post and the second is usually a life style one. I am so happy with the response and how this blog is growing. It has become a place for me to share not only my inspirations, but soon my services as well. At the beginning of May, I am planning to launch a new project that I have been working on and I CAN NOT wait to share it with all of you!!!

Now today's post. Let me warn you, to some this post will seem both sacred and border line blasphemous because I share my life long struggle and lack of discipline when it comes to reading the Bible. Don't get me wrong, I loved the idea of being a diligent reader, but came to realize that I preferred the idea of being one more then actually practicing it. 

That being said, for some inexplicable reason, somewhere along my journey I had started to believe that there was only one correct way to read the Bible and study it. The kind of methodical and unenjoyable way that for my personality was not at and still isn't at all effective. 
When did it become God's desire for me not to enjoy what He had to say to me? 
Some time ago I read a blog post that made me chuckle and get teary-eyed all at once. Quite a few things she wrote resonated with me and inspired me to also tell my story. I share this because this story precisely highlights some of my favorite attributes of God. 
How would I meditate in God's word day and night when I could hardly get myself to study one passage a day consistently? *

I started to pay attention to the times I had enjoyed reading and studying the Bible.  This is an exercise that I still have to repeat often. Today I am sharing it with you in case you want to try it.
  • I enjoyed reading the Bible when it felt natural by integrating it to the most unusual parts of my life. Having the audio version on my mobile phone, read by the man with the best narrative voice, while doing my nails, exercising or simply having quiet time makes it feel like an integral part of my life. 
  • There are times in my life when I've preferred to study the Bible by topics and not by books. I clearly remember a really lonely and sad time when I felt drawn to study humility (weird right?) but through it, I found so much peace.
  • There have been other times when I've found myself in a place in my journey where I've enjoyed reading passages on my own and then discussing it in a group. I literally saw my life change through the challenging and rich exchanges. 
  • Lately, I've started to draw again (after almost 12 years) and a lot of what I am doing has to do with watercolor paint and quotes that are often from the Bible. This is helping me (without trying) to memorize new scriptures.
  • The other day I lingered in bed and found myself quoting out loud all the psalms and scriptures I knew by heart. I cried and laughed because it brought me back to all the family games my parents organized for us to learn the Bible. But it made me happier to know that I somehow understand those passages differently now and that others I am still wrestling and struggling with.
  • I have also enjoyed reading the Bible with the community of She Reads Truth. I created a photo journal on Instagram through which I've  shared my journey in practical ways with many of you. This growing community has been  a great support providing encouragement, feedback, and such relevant insight. 
Will there be times where I don't want to read the Bible regardless of my creative ways? Will there be times where don't feel like praying even? Absolutely. There are days when I read more and days when I read less, but I don't stop. We are all different and no one really knows how much should be read every time we open the Bible. There have been times in my life when I have been stuck on the same verse, chapter, or book for months, reading it over and over again.
However, it is key that we understand that God is not looking for perfection but for hearts who genuinely long for Him and delight in knowing Him. Choose progress over perfection, grace over guilt, freedom over condemnation. I have understood that reading the Bible does not transform me, unless I allow it to do what it was meant for: to know Him. * Joshua 1:8