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Faith Post | A Week to Remember

hello darlings!

Today I am starting the week with a little recap of all the greatness that is happening in my life this past week. 

First of all, last week I was over at Ardent Magazine with a post called "Picnic in el Yunque" that I had a lot of fun working on as I have gladly accepted their invitation to be part of their monthly contributors. I am so excited to share  more about this project in the upcoming months. While you are there, be sure to check out their recipes and their city guides. I am smitten with them. 

Also, yesterday concluded my wait for my traveling permit that I needed to have in order to attend my sister's wedding NEXT WEEK! Get this, all this time I was planning to go without actually being 100% sure that I would be there. There have been days when my faith withered and I thought the permit would not come on time since every blog and forum said so based on other people's experiences. However, one more time I was reminded that the last decision about anything concerning my life is of divine concern because I have faith, including visa stuff. I share this bit of the story so that you can be encouraged in case you are in a waiting season and everything seems to just go against what you are hoping for; trust until the end. I got my ticket, my dress, and my shoes; ready to do my "maid of honor" duties and visit my hometown that I haven't seen in a year and a half. Follow my adventures on Instagram

"The last decision about anything concerning my life is of divine concern because I have faith" Tweet it

In addition, we celebrated our first baptisms as pastors and church planters yesterday. It is quite a feeling to see people recognize that they want to make Jesus the center of their lives, to disciple them, and to now to see them take the next step of getting baptized. 

Sometimes, we just sit in awe and tears of gratitude mixed with disbelief of how amazing it is that we get to take part, with our seemingly insignificant contribution, in such a perfect storm created by God himself. 

The church that we are planting consists of children (15-25 children) that meet weekly in a home, eagerly asking to hear the stories from the Bible. I have never felt so close to the heart of Jesus as when I stand in that living room singing, teaching, and loving them. 

Let me know if you read the article and what you think! Thanks to all of you for sticking around, reading, and encouraging me. You are part of my life now :)