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Coups de Coeur | August

Hello September!

Just like that darlings, we are in a brand new month (time to turn the page of that gorgeous calendar). There are so many things I love about September, my favorite being how Fall announces its arrival; with subtle hints like a change in temperature or leaves slowly embracing a new color. Living on a tropical Island, we experience a slight change but nothing too drastic. In other words, we can still hit the beach while everyone is shifting their wardrobes to cozy knits and finding pumpkin everything (think Starbucks), which I am not going to lie, makes me a bit nostalgic. Today I am sharing a monthly roundup of some of my favorite things (Coups de coeur) that I either discovered or simply enjoyed in the month of August. 

To start, here is a compilation of my favorite Instagram snaps. Welcome to all new followers that have joined the party and the daily devotional discussions. I am truly growing through your input and love reading and looking at your own IG. 

From left to right ♥ 
1 | Published 2 Photography Posts to help guide anyone interested in improving their Instagram plus my favorite picture editing apps for my blog.
2 |  Lots of serenading this month. Read more about it here.
3 |  I contributed content for two magazines! If you missed it and want to take a look, check out the "Secret Garden" article in Ardent Magazine and "3 Limeade Iced Lollies" in Cellar Door Magazine. As you know, I am a regular contributor for Ardent Magazine and truly love it. The two girls behind it have such a great vision, a great eye for content. They've gathered a great team of collaborators and are the sweetest. Follow the magazine on Instagram and keep up with what's new.
4 |  Your typical Palm picture that comes with the blessing of living on a tropical island. Some of the things I see during my run.
5 |  How can I explain how much we love belgian waffles? Here is yet another picture of the many ways we like to eat them.
6 |  Published a Faith post that gained a lot of attention called "Let it go!" which I wrote from the comfort of my bed that day.
7 |  Picture taken as we walked out of the office where I received the official document that makes this Canadian girl a permanent resident in the US of A.
8 |  We spent a few days in Orlando this past month and took time to relax with our family. Thankful for that awesome bed.
9 |  Last but not least, our homemade pizza day tradition has gotten an upgrade since I discovered Darling Magazine's peach pizza recipe.

My Coups de coeurs (french for favorite things) of August

I celebrated this this blog's first birthday this month! And to thank each one of you, I am (still) hosting a giveaway that you can be part of (until Sept. 5, 2014). I am very thankful for all of you that read this blog, share and interact on different social media platforms with me. I truly enjoy it and I feel very blessed that you let me share my heart with you. A HUGE thank you!

At the beginning of the month of August I also had the pleasure to be the guest judge of the photography project under the hashtag #livethelittlethings on Instagram put together by Igers: Megan Magers and Brandi. Here are the 4 pictures I picked for that week. 

♥ For a second time, I am happy to announce that my photography is being used to illustrate the current "She Reads Truth" (Hosea) devotional plan on  Instagram. I am so so happy since they have honestly been such a blessing to my life and if you are a reader of this blog you may know that already since I talk a lot about them. 

 3 new books on my list, two of which are recipe books! Weird right?! In the past year I have truly fallen in love with food photography and food blogs. So when great bloggers write a book, well, I crack and put it on my list of books to buy and read (I presently have like 20 books on the list, help!) Smitten with Squash (a new friend blogger is the author), Top with Cinnamon (an 18 year old is the author! What?!) and Happy Handmade Home (My favorite blogger has done it again). I will write more about each book when I get them, I promise!

♥ These 2 Youtube videos had me cracking up! (First & Second)

♥ Best Pin advice ever! 

Read this article, it really gave me hope. 

♥ I discovered this magazine (as you know I am a magazine junkie) and their shop that offers cute journals and totes. I am looking forward to their full blown launch this Fall. 

♥ I am late to the party, I know, but I bought Moriah Peters "Brave" CD and I am presently jamming to "You Carry Me". Have you heard of it? I am loving it. 



May | My Coups de Coeur

hello Darlings,

Yes! Believe it or not May is ending, but it is not leaving us without great memories. I have been reading great monthly wrap ups from many other bloggers and so I am starting one this month as an extension of that. I have my own "goodies" that I have discovered during the month and I will share them with you at the end of each month from now on.  

Without further ado, here is a grid of my favorite May snapshots.

1 | My feed has one weekly food snapshot of some sort and it's usually breakfast because we eat breakfast at any time of the day. 

2 | Yes, I did an entire photo shoot just to feature my new kimono. I love the colors so much and I have to keep myself from wearing it constantly. I got mine from Forever 21. 

3 | This month I hosted a jewelry party for the amazing company called 31 Bits. I am in love with not only their products but also their mission and what they stand for. If you are looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe this summer and simultaneously help change people's lives, check them out!

4 | This picture was the one featured in Darling Magazine's Instagram feed. That magazine just happens to be one of my favorites. I just love the community they have built around it. If you want to know why I took that picture you can read more about it on my Instagram

5 | Yep, that little person in the pink dress is me! I got to stand in that awesome place in front of the Cabo Rojo light house at the South Western tip of Puerto Rico. My husband took me to the dreamiest location to celebrate our anniversary (I will share all the pictures next week). I am in love with this place (and with the man obviously), as a matter of fact, I wanted to stay there!

6 | To many, 1 year of marriage is nothing but we are so happy that I may or may not have overgram pictures of us and our wedding. In any case, we are so blessed to have each other and though we lived many scary adventures this year, it still feel like it flew by. 

:: Other exciting Features ::

Ministry She Reads truth, which I have written about many times, used my photography to illustrate one of their Bible reading plans and I was so honored that they asked. 

Also, thanks to project Pick it (an Instagram feed that dedicates itself to share other people's stories and unique moments) for featuring  the picture of my sister and I. 

♥ Discovered this awesome blog post (Wonder and wandering) and the blogger has become my pen pal (if you can call email communication that). She is sweet and we just feel like we are friends already. 

Hosted my first Twitter #lbloggers Chat this past Wednesday and met so many awesome bloggers. Our topic was "What makes a blogger Inspirational?"- I am in love with words so doing a word check during the chat was awesome. Join the chat on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM (EST) or 7:00 PM (UK)

Two great ladies passed away this month. One was an unknown hero and a friend of mine the other was Maya Angelou. Here is a guide to her most beloved books. 

♥ Instagram crush lately...

♥ I am not sure what people did with short videos before this one, but I don't want to know

♥ I am itching to try this genius Ikea hack!

♥ This blog is new to me, and I have to admit that I have spent an unhealthy amount of time swooning  (probably more like drooling) over this blogger photography and actually reading her funny captions and posts. Well done! 

♥ I am obsessed with Garance Doré's collaboration paper products with Anna Riflebond. I got quite a few items already and I am now looking forward to her wallpaper

Studied the book of James this whole month and still feel like I can continue, I participated in the #lampandlight reading challenge (on Instagram) this month and I gained so much from it. 

What are you excited about? Please share the link to your monthly wrap ups, or weekly if you have them or feel free to simply comment about what you are up to.