Dear darlings, 

Today I am over the moon to be sharing this blog post for many reasons but mainly because in the past 2 weeks, two of my posts have been featured in two  wonderful sites (read here and here). I'm also ecstatic because of today's collaboration with Karm author of the beautiful Karmomo blog and that happens to be an amazing artist. 

Today she is sharing (drumroll) one of her beautiful creations as a free printable so you can have one of these beauties as well. To make this collaboration extra special, we picked my favorite quote for the month of October. It is by an extraordinary author that both Karm and I love: Mr. C.S. Lewis. 

So I say cheers to an epic "Quotable Monday", which is a series of inspirational quotes that you can share on Twitter directly from this blog. I also added some extra quotes that I've liked this past week to cheer you on the rest of this week. 

Don't you just love C.S. Lewis? I mean his ability to say so much with such few words will never cease to amaze me. Have you read something uplifting lately? Please do share in the comment section below and I will check it out. For more quotes and uplifting words check out my Instagram. Also, stay tuned for many exciting things that I will share with you this week! 

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