hello darlings!
So I thought I would let you in on one of my latest interests and the reason for which I was, for a very short period of time, an almost acceptable dish-washing wife. Thanks to Sarah from Cake over Steak, I was introduced to the Jess Lively Show, an amazing series of podcasts in which great bloggers, entrepreneurs, and just all-around inspirational people share their journeys. Before I share some of my favorite episodes, I want to point out that Jess Lively is awesome and I think she is a genius for putting this whole show together. I love how she keeps the guests on track by asking relevant questions.  I admire how she has built this platform for great people's stories to be shared and highlighted. Here are 7 of my favorite episodes and why I liked them so much. 

I was immediately drawn to this episode because I recognized the name of the online magazine that I already follow and enjoy. I am the kind of person that loves stories so I enjoyed listening to this guest's story and how candidly she shared it. I loved that she openly talked about letting go of bad relationships or anything that could hold you back and about being single in her 30's. I must say that by the end of that interview, I seriously started considering Crossfit. 

I think this was the first episode I ever heard, and it was honestly because I was drawn to the blog name. I mean after all, Yellow is my favorite color. I also loved some of her pointers on getting things done and got a good laugh when I learned that her business started when she gave her husband a picture of the dog that he was dreaming of as opposed to getting him a real one. The reason I found that to be really funny is because I have been thinking of doing that for my husband because he dreams of getting an English bulldog that would clearly not fit in our tiny apartment. 

This episode was really life changing for me. I had followed this blog for some time but listening to this episode really gave an insight into the "minimalist" part of this bloggers lifestyle which as some of you know, is something I value a lot. I loved her philosophy on cutting back on things we don't fully enjoy to do more of what we really want. 

This was one of my favorite episodes just because of how authentically she tells her story and the simplicity she exudes. Really looking forward to checking out her book. 

The lady behind this company simply rocks and her product is really cool. She had interesting views on how to divide her day and how to set clear boundaries in terms of how we let social media take over our lives. 

Ok, this lady is by far one of my favorite bloggers ever. Her colorful style and her really beautiful Target collections are just fabulous. I am always impressed with her accomplishments and on how her blog is a well of inspiration. She is definitely someone I look up to in terms of a creative business woman. 

I had heard of this concept through the grapevine (actually from a couple of friends on Instagram) and I loved the concept and read a post from Valerie from Val Marie Paper and it made me curious about the concept. So I was very happy to hear this interview and just be exposed to this sweet blogger and her sincere approach to shaving off some excess out of our lives. I plan on using her planner and let you know about it. 

After watching each episode be sure to read the show notes, there are literally so many helpful links there that I would not want you to miss! Also, if I were you, I  would download the podcast app and write a review. 

Do you listen to any podcasts? If you do, please, please let me know which ones!