Dear darling readers!

Today I am writing a letter to each one of you, to thank you and to let you know how you have encouraged me and given me reasons to keep writing throughout this whole year. I certainly love hearing about how my words impact your life. I've enjoyed meeting some of you in different parts of the country and hearing you share with joy which part of what I've written has stood out to you. While I love that cyberconnectivity that we share, you have done so much more than that. 

Ongoing, steep, creative, learning curve

What am I saying? This is not only a steep learning curve for creativity but for everything really! By you coming to my blog and my social media, I feel indebted to share and produce material that not only reflects my style in the best way possible but also the message that I carry. A year ago I could only imagine of the opportunities that have come from having this platform, but I also did not know how much I would enjoy putting so many hours into packaging what I want to say to you via carefully thought out pictures and words. Your presence makes me want to constantly keep exploring and pushing my creative boundaries. It's a win-win really!

Giving me a voice 

Blogging has given me plenty of opportunities to write, which has definitely made me happy and has helped me develop a (constantly evolving) style or tone with which I like to share my stories and posts. The fact that you pass by here and take the time to read actually turns internet noise into an actual voice that is heard and that is empowering. Thank you. 

Live the little things and finding ways to celebrate them

Other bloggers will understand when I say that we are constantly looking for ways to document things that happen in our lives because we are thinking ahead for possible blog content. There has to obviously be a healthy balance in that but by doing that something wonderful has occurred. I see how my eye is now trained to look for beauty, significance and joy in the smallest of pleasures and blessings. I now see "living with purpose" and "being happy" more like an accumulation of many happy moments along the way. I see how our online life can sometimes lead people to imagine that it is just that, what we decide to share, but it is not. Social media and blogs are such a small part of who we are as individuals and we definitely have our own struggles and we are not always at our most photogenic moment. That being said, I love that sharing daily with you has helped me focus on the beauty of simply being alive and try to capture snippets of it to encourage and inspire others. 

From readers to friends

I can't even begin to explain how full I feel by the connections and strong bonds I have developed with some of you. I appreciate every letter, card, message and cute, care packages that you have sent. Every time I receive something I do my little "happy dance". I appreciate the fact that you have trusted me with your stories, that you take time to send me videos, articles, other blogger's links so that I can get inspired and share. I love that you do that and please, keep it coming!

Since this is such a special thing to me, and since we've talked about it on social media I would like to invite any of you that would like to be pen pals with me for the month of September 2014, please send me an email to:

More courageous than I thought

Blogging has been on of the most brave things I have done. Just like any other creative person, I create my content (read spend lots of hours planning, creating, snapping pictures, editing) just because I love it and by the time I have to publish, terror creeps in. What if people don't like it? What if this is absolutely irrelevant to anyone's life? Then, I remember the reason for which I started this blog. First because uplifting others (especially young women) is a passion that I have. I love to help others live with a little more intention, by celebrating the smallest details in life, addressing matters of the heart from the point of view of the One who created it and share my faith journey. Second, because I needed a creative outlet, especially during this past year of my life which has been one of the hardest but most rewarding.

Here's a quote from a book I love and that is really the motto behind every piece that I write


We love each other, because He {God} loved us first

" (1John 4:19)