So this week has been a crazy one. To be honest this whole year 2013 has been crazy for me and for my husband as well.
I have been writing a lot in my Instagram Journal about the lessons I feel God is making me meditate for what is left of this year. It is a habit I have adopted in the past 2 years, where I pray, fast and read the word of God for ‘soul searching’ and guidance for the end of the year and beginning of a new one.

1. This year instead of trying to expand, I will deepen all my relationships. I got that from something Don Miller posted on Twitter one day and it tickled me in an unforgettable way. I adopted that and decided to take an inventory of my relationships (the valuable ones) and made a mental list of what I can do to deepen them. This includes my relationship with my Creator.
2. Recognize that I am weak and that sometimes I need help. I love to ask for help from God but I sometimes struggle with asking help from people. God has made me see that the first step to experience His strength is to recognize my weaknesses. Nothing is hidden from God and I can certainly not fool Him, so why even try? Why not just come clear before Him in order to find forgiveness.
3. It matters who I give my heart to. It mattered before I got married but it continues to matter today. Single or married, we must choose daily to give our hearts to the ONLY one who can guard it, who can mold it and who can heal it. Whether you are in love or not, it matters who you give your heart to everyday not only the day you fall in love.  God wants a continual relationship and it is by keeping my heart hidden in Him that I am able to love my husband correctly.
4. About pain and tears. I have been writing a lot about that lately. It is not necessarily that I spend my days crying but this season has been another one of stretch. My perspective on crying has changed and I am not afraid of it. There is a purpose behind my tears; the potter is molding the clay of my heart to make a beautiful piece. Tears have cleaned my eyes to see more clear and have a better perspective. Are you going through a painful season at this moment?
5. Loneliness is not an incurable disease. I actually have an avalanche of thoughts when it comes to this topic and I am forming an idea for a post that I will share later. However, I want to say this: loneliness is real and is so unnatural for human beings. It is normal that we try to avoid it but growth often requires isolation so that we can learn to depend on God. It is also a place where we need to know God so that we may be certain that our decisions are ordained by God and not a result of our desperation.
6. Overindulgence. Self-control. I have a lot to say about this and I am just reading a lot about how God views excess. Especially now in the holidays I just want to make sure I use my resources and take care of my body in a way that will glorify God.
What are you meditating on lately?