Remember day one? It really starts from day one. From day one you started being bombarded by expectations, prejudices, preconceived ideas and skewed messages of who people thought you were or who you should be. 

The attack was ruthless; and even if your parents taught you that you were beautiful, pretty soon you found yourself doubting it. You did not see it coming but soon enough you found yourself looking for a new diet, new exercise techniques, more makeup, new clothing and desperately craving attention. You were no longer enough. You no longer turned to your maker to reveal and remind you daily of your beauty. Instead you turned to photoshopped magazine images and movie stars to dictate your image and feed you with unachievable beauty standards.

Thankfully, you got to the end of you and realized that you were not happy and that life was too short to be miserable. Your maker started scraping off all the insecurities and started shining light into your strengths and offered grace for your weaknesses. He said that you were enough and that you are more than your pretty face. He challenged you to cultivate your intellect and even taught you social skills and gave you numerous great friends to practice them. He challenged you to beat your enemies by making them your friends and that trying to constantly prove yourself was only a sign of insecurity. 

Next time you doubt, remember Proverbs 4:7 and how Bruno Mars beautifully put it: "...girl you're amazing just the way you are."

Love, The mirror in your room.