Drops of wisdom acquired during my "Roaring 20's"


Hello beautiful darlings,

Yes! I turned 30 last month, my nails are still chipped, I am still rocking a high messy bun and my feet are still dirty at the end of every day as a result of me insisting on walking barefoot around the house. Not sure how I was 25, then I blinked and now I am 30. I guess time flies when you are having fun and when you have picked some projects back up from the shelf and you finally decide to be brave and give it another chance.

So, are resolutions still a thing? Or are we focusing more on goals, values, and intentions in 2015? Am I the only one that feels that one year is really a short time to work on something? Either way today, I decided to share 6 of the "things" (call it whatever you want) that I have been working on.. not for a year or two but probably more like a decade, ha!

So like I said I reached the (sometimes) intimidating 30's this past month and some days before my birthday, I got a bit introspective and started thinking about the things I learned in my 20's and that I truly cherish. 

I finally know what I DON'T want or LIKE to do
I don't know for how many of you choosing a career path has been really difficult. In my twenties, I worked in really cool places but even as I did, I have never seemed to shake off the desire to own my own business. The problem was that I was never able to pinpoint what kind of business I would like to own because I am one of those people that has many different interests. I still don't have it all figured out but just like many others, my twenties were a time to weed out what I definitely do NOT want to do and that has shed some light.

Many times we get frustrated with the way life takes twists and turns but many times those are precisely the things that lead us to the best destinations and build our character. That being said, I did not take my exploration time as an excuse to be volatile, irresponsable or even settle for my fate. Instead I pushed pass the lack of fulfillment I often felt in some jobs and just tried to learn as much as I could in order to build a foundation (putting new tools in my tool box) to make my creative dreams come true.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication  
In the past couple of years, I feel like I've rejected a lot of the ideas of what the traditional "American dream" is, along with many of the expectations that come with what I "should" be doing at my age and the expectations that come with our status as a young married couple. Along with my husband, we have decided to build a life that will hopefully be a legacy of love, justice, and humility instead of accumulation of material possessions. We are by no means perfect, but we don't give up, moving forward little by little.

Less is always more. I want to spend less (time, money, energy) in doing what I should do, and save it to do what I truly want and was created to do. Any one else feeling this way? 

Respect the timing of my life
Is anyone else a doer, like I am? Checking things off my list gives me an inexplicable mini-thrill and that sometimes works against me. Sometimes I want to make things happen in my life while certain elements are completely out of my control. To be honest I hate it! For example: have you ever felt like you are in the waiting room of your own life? Like there are many things lined up but nothing is actually happening? However frustrating that is, I have learned that these waiting periods come by seasons and they always seem to find their way into our lives to act as a gestation period to bring forth a whole new chapter of growth. One good thing about that whole rather torturous process is that the struggle of that "waiting period" usually helps us grow in maturity As we mature, we can better appreciate that whole new chapter, while also building up faith to the measure of the inevitable adversity  we will face, regardless of how amazing that new season of our life is.

So if there's anything I have learned in my twenties, it's to respect the timing of my journey. To live the questions in my journey instead of constantly obsessing over finding answers. It's to have peace about the pace in which things are moving in my life while never comparing my story to other people. If you are not practicing this already, try it! It's liberating.

A little side note here: I fell in love later than most friends my age and sometimes, circumstances made me feel like I was missing out, or that I was somehow doing it wrong. In the midst of it all, I am so thankful for grace and that constant voice telling me that God's timing is perfect.

Only care about the opinion of the ones who matter
If we are completely honest, we all care about some people's opinions, at least a little. It would be logical to care since we have been created as social beings. We constantly relate to our environment. I think that in my twenties I have learned to identify who's opinion actually matters and not give a jack about all the rest. At first, it is difficult to imagine being free from the grip of comparison or other people's expectations, but it is truly the most liberating thing ever. I've become better at drawing limits, at saying "No." without feeling guilty, at taking care of myself and my family first and taking time to do what I truly love without having to explain or justify it.

This exercise has truly helped me in better discerning God's will for my life instead of it being tainted by the powerful pull of expectations. What are my other 30 year old friends doing at this time of their lives? I care to keep up solely for the purpose of rejoicing with them but not to use their journeys as a barometer for my happiness or a guide for what my plan should be. Stop longing to live other people's lives and start living yours by taking at least one step towards the life that you desire. If you don't like where you are, I challenge you to take at least one small action that will bring you closer to your dream.

Surround yourself with the right people that will encourage and speak the truth to you. Value those who faithfully seek to be in your life in the good or the bad like your family, new and old best friends and mentors. (Read more about this in my post what to do "between now and my next move")

Boundaries and the whole art of saying NO
For some odd reason I always seems to overcommit to things because I find it extremely difficult to say no and when I do, I always feel the need to explain why I said no. I know this is weird but just in case there is anyone else who feels like me, I wanted to share that towards the end of my twenties, I finally got the guts to say no. I started by just using "no" more often (with a whole lot of explaining why and apologizing). Then, I moved to bigger things (you know, like a grownup) and simply started to say no.

Inevitably, there will be people who will try to guilt you into doing the very thing you just said no to, but be firm. I have come to realize that no one knows how my life really is, and no one else is living it for me. If I decide to make a certain choice, I (as the person who is actually living this life) knows why and that should be enough. I've learned to prioritize the things that will make me healthier, happier, and more fulfilled as I give every ounce of my life to serve and be at the center of God's will.

The power of showing up
Honestly, showing up faithfully is really hard. I think the reason why it's hard is because the changes are subtle. I am glad that many times during my twenties I showed up (to whatever my task was at that time of my life) even when it sometimes felt it wasn't going anywhere. I am glad for the people who pushed me to take leaps of faith and learned to believe in me simply because I was faithful in showing up to my everyday life.

Real discipline and genuine growth stems from the small increments that come from being there every day and patiently running our own race.

So, there you have it. I mean I did do the other cool stuff that 20 year olds should do, like traveling in most of Central and South America, fall in love, get married, moved from cities twice, buy my first car, learn to do my eyebrows and other experimental and life changing things as such. However, the things I wrote about today are precisely what is not very seldom spoken about so I wrote just in case you were wondering.



My beginner's guide to Skillshare classes

Hello Darlings, 

I've been wanting to share a post like this one for quite some time now because over the summer I took the time to sign up for


and when I did, I fully dove into a universe of awesomeness. Today I want to share some of my favorite classes that I have done. This is not by any means an exhaustive list since there are hundreds and hundreds of classes available and I've only done a few. I may share another list later. 

When you first sign up you can browse and save some clases for later. I suggest that the minute you sign up, you also join their newsletter to learn about new classes or some discount that could prove valuable. I did that and 2 or 3 days after I signed up, I was able to upgrade to the full membership. 

One of my favorite bloggers, interior designers, and just altogether creative genius is Justina Blakeney, so when I signed up for skillshare and saw that two of her clases were available, 

I took them right away! These short classes gave me many easy-to-implement tips that I am thinking of referring to it as the holidays approach. "

Interior Styling: Style your Space like a Pro

Table-Top Styling: Style Memorable Tablescape for Every Season

This second class was actually a really cool class, especially for a person like me that loves Instagram and often snaps pictures of my food and drinks. I have previously written a post on how to improve your Instagram pictures and this class can also give you additional tips. "

Food Photography: Capturing a Morning Worth Eating

Another great and recent photography class which is a must 

is called "Styling Food for Instagram: Creating Collages". Interestingly enough, after only looking at the trailer of the upcoming class I created a collage and posted it on Instagram and my picture was featured by one of my favorite photographers on her own Instagram as part of "that color project" and also shared by Deeply Rooted Magazine. So after I actually took the class, I have so much more inspiration and direction. The artist teaching this class is really amazing! 

Another class that really made me giddy and that I have yet to finish taking is "Telling a Story through Fashion Illustration" by Paper Fashion which just happens to be such a fabulous fashion illustration. I wanted to try my hand at illustration and the fact that she is one of my favorite illustrators motivated me to just go for it. 

This was actually the first class I ever took on Skillshare. It's one given by Molly Jacques called "Introduction to the art of modern Calligraphy" which really helped me discover a few things and polish my skills. If you are interested in learning this a great way to start. Last but not least, Freelancing for Creatives: Kickstart your independence. This class is not your usual orthodox boring how to start your business, it is more hands on, very helpful and very informative as well!  

Do you already use Skillshare? If you do I would love to hear your class suggestions on the comment section below or on my social media!

Note: The pictures I included in this post were taken for Instagram so you will see some imperfections  in the fruit pattern, I quickly created, that you wouldn't normally see on Instagram and it goes with the class I took. 



Quotable Monday | A new definition for success

Happy Tuesday darlings, 

Hope this week is giving you a fresh start. This past weekend I took a break of pretty much everything and left town with my husband to clear our minds in a beautiful area of Puerto Rico called Fajardo. We were really fortunate to share this weekend with friends and hear great talks that have inspired me greatly and today I want to share small snippets from what we learned.  

For me it was all about evaluating why I do what I do; making an inventory of what my motivations truly are. I know this may seem very deep for a Tuesday morning but I am so glad I was confronted with some questions that often help me correct my perspective. I was challenged to value humbleness, servanthood, and my own weaknesses rather than try to hide them. All of which are completely contrary to the model of success set by our society. So I face a dilemma: Will I follow the leadership model set out by Jesus himself or will I follow society's? 

As we wrestled with these questions, I realized that it is harder than it appears to be. When we do something great, something selfless, something generous, we want to be recognized and applauded for it. However, why is that so satisfying? Is recognition what drives me? Those are legitimate questions that when asked sincerely, may challenge our definition of success. 

"It is better for us to be genuine than to try to appear to be perfect. Our strengths may win us popularity and perhaps prestige but our weaknesses, put in the hands of God, will instead gain Jesus many followers." - Pastor Brian Sutton

"There are too many books on leadership and not enough on servanthood which is in fact the only leading model that calls us to push others upwards as opposed to our own self" - Pastor Brian Sutton 

"Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ" - (Philippians 3:8)

What do you think? Have you ever thought about this? The best discussions happen below in the comment section so let me know what you think. 



5 Ways to Prepare For Your Next Big Move

Happy Monday everyone!

This faith post usually comes out on Friday but this week we are starting with an insightful post, about that time between now and your next big move, to go with your well deserved Monday morning cup of coffee. Having just come out of yet another huge transition, I am starting my second hectic week at my new job after 18 months of being unemployed. My body is still adjusting to the shock of it all but I am happy.  

Today's post is very dear to my heart because it has to do with something I have experienced and had very little guidance during it. How do you prepare for your next big move when you don't exactly know what that may be or even more agonizing to know "when"? You know that time in which life hands you a clean slate, a possibility of a fresh start and while that is an exciting prospect, it is also really scary. It is usually a time of searching and unending questioning combined with dreaming of possibilities. I can think of a couple of times when I stood in that "in between" time of my life in which I felt like I had no purpose and no clear path to follow in terms of what I wanted my next step to be. 

Make peace with the previous chapter in preparation for the next
We have all gone through experiences in which we voluntarily or involuntarily find ourselves at the end of a season. Regardless of how much time of preparation we have for the change to come, it is never as easy as we make it to be. When we wrap up a career, end a relationship or just move on to a different time in our lives there's always some sort of a grieving period. I am a firm believer that we must allow ourselves to grieve for a time, but after, we have it is important to make peace with the past. I have found that the best way to do that is by appreciating the good that happened and forgiving what did not go our way and letting it go. Easier said than done, but we never gain from dwelling on negative feelings. Forgiveness heals. 

Surround yourself  with the right people
Success is way sweeter when we have the right people to share it with. However, most people that I love and value are the ones that believed, encouraged and prayed for and with me before I reached my goal or before my next step was defined. It has been important for me to surround myself with a few people that speak truth and push me to thrive in that "in between" time when I've been haunted by so many unanswered questions, paralyzing fear and countless doubts. I love the Jess Lively Show (which is a podcast) and every time I hear all those inspiring success stories, they are always closely related to those few people that give you a gentle nudge and encourage you to pursue your new dream, that hold your hand when you are insecure or overwhelmed with having too many options to choose from or that offer a shoulder to cry on when the door we were hoping would open doesn't. 

I would like to share a piece of advice that I have learned the hard way. In the period of time when you walking towards an exciting new chapter, be cautious on who you let in on the secret. At the beginning stage of your plans there are many little details that are not clearly defined yet and not everyone can handle that. I've learned to choose a few wise, prayerful people that genuinely love me and have proven to love see me succeed. 

Explore and prepare
The first five months of my time here was what I have described above. I felt aimless, even useless at times. I went through a lot of transitions at once, (I talk more about it here) and as a result, those first months were really about exploring my new environment because I had "nowhere" specific to be and that was such a big change that I had a lot of quiet time that allowed me to tinker with more creative things that I always wanted to do but never felt like I had the time. So to anyone going through something similar, I would suggest that you explore, take a class, volunteer, work out, learn something new or get better at something you have always wanted to have time for. As you engage your environment you will meet new people and your transition will just go a bit smoother. 

Once you choose at least an element of what your next step will be, go for it! If are in a (what I call an agonizing) waiting period (like waiting for a job, visa, acceptance letter, etc) prepare for it to the best of your ability. This can make a big difference and can really allow you to see whether this is the direction you want to go. 

Pray and meditate
For me praying for guidance has always taken some of the anxiety that comes as a result of my  "control freak" personality. In my quiet time with God during that "searching" time, I found peace and you will too. Meditating on scripture and just feeding myself with its positive  and challenging truth has really kept me strong during the most uncertain times of my life. I also joined a couple of online communities that have helped stay encouraged, check them out! (She Reads Truth and Firework people). 

I would suggest journaling prayers, feelings, and thoughts so that one day you can go back and be in awe on how you made it through that difficult time and how you have grown. I love to go read what I shared one year from today on my social media and on my special notebooks. 

At peace with not having it all figured out
As I prepare for the next decade of my life (in a few short months) I have been thinking about society's expectations for me versus living purposely to create an impact on people; focusing less on                                                                  financial gain and putting thought into the eternal legacy I want to leave behind at the end of my life. I know this is very philosophical but "end-of-the-year" months automatically make me revert to that, I can't help it. All this to say, it is important that if you don't like where you are, take the steps to change it (one day at a time) but it is important to have peace about not having it all figured out at once. 

I know the feeling of looking through your social media feed and seeing how your high school friends are breezing through the steps of adulthood and for some reason your life has never matched the rest of the crowd. It may seem so discouraging at times but as the popular quote says "comparison is the thief of joy" and I could never overstate how true this is and how important it is to resist that urge to compare ourselves to others. I have discovered that the way I make peace with my own path is by keeping my eyes on my own paper because God made me unique for a reason and I must use my uniqueness to bless the world around me. 

So I suggest trying to cut down on social media pollution during the time when you are trying to make a decision about your future or that may lead you astray from your mental peace, and life purpose. I like to do social media fasts, writing (only) days, real face to face meaningful interactions with interesting people. Finally, just bite into your own life that has been gifted to you.  

"The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.
(Psalm 37:23)



Quotable Mondays | Between now and my next big move

Happy most-hated-day-of-the week day!

This weekly quotable Monday post myself has challenged and helped me in a variety of ways. First, it has helped me commit to a post series that I truly enjoy, but it's also making my Monday a lot more enjoyable, all while giving me an excuse to photograph my breakfast. I would say it's a win win. 

As I write this I am sitting on the couch alone as I hear the calming sound of rain falling and enjoying the gentle breeze that circulates during rainy season. As I sit here in the dark enjoying some alone time, I started thinking about the times in my life in which I have hit the end of the road in a certain  project, when a chapter of my life has ended and I've found myself faced with a clean slate. While that may sound exciting it has also been the scariest time of my life. You know that period in which you have no idea what your next step is. You want it to be a big, bold, satisfying move but often, that inbetween time is the most challenging one. So in preparation for this week's faith post I am sharing some Pinterest inspiration and other quotes that have inspired me in the past year and a half. 

(Tweet this) 

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28) - This scripture gives me so much hope and I hope it will do the same for you. 

Stay tuned for the posts to come this week. Do you have quotes related to this that you like? Please share them with me, I would love to publish them. 



This blog joins Warby Parker to celebrate their collaboration with 826

Hello beautiful darlings!

Today is one of those days in which I am overly excited to be sharing a project that has become something close to my heart. You know that as an extension of my love for community and people, I have a heart for justice and social change. I am often drawn to purchase, follow, and fall in love with companies that besides helping local economies, are also creating change. In comes amazing eyeglass company Warby & Parker and their fabulous collaboration with 826 national. 

826 is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities to under-resourced children ages 6-18 to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills through their network of eight tutoring centers. 

On October 21, 2014 in collaboration with 826 NYC and 826 LA, Warby and Parker first launched the cutest brand-new pair of frames called Kidd, in the classic but chic Revolver black in honor of the NYC chapter and sunglasses in honor of the L.A. one. Here is the interesting part, every limited-edition frame has been engraved with an edition number out of the 826 pairs produced that you can purchase here

Warby and Parker is also sponsoring two original publications showcasing students work. The Review from 826NYC (Poems, short stories, essays sponsored by the program) and 826 LA's Activity book (prompts and projects for children and adults) that you can purchase here

Since 826 is pro-imagination, pro-curiosity, they are all about the monumental power of reading and writing. I also happen to greatly value these things as well so needless to say, I am honored that Warby and Parker asked me to help them spread the word about this beautiful and meaningful collaboration. I already loved their products and have been following other projects that they are involved as well. 

What are your favorite small businesses that are creating social change? You can read of another collaboration similar to this one here



Quotable Monday | Collaboration with Karm (Free Printable)

Dear darlings, 

Today I am over the moon to be sharing this blog post for many reasons but mainly because in the past 2 weeks, two of my posts have been featured in two  wonderful sites (read here and here). I'm also ecstatic because of today's collaboration with Karm author of the beautiful Karmomo blog and that happens to be an amazing artist. 

Today she is sharing (drumroll) one of her beautiful creations as a free printable so you can have one of these beauties as well. To make this collaboration extra special, we picked my favorite quote for the month of October. It is by an extraordinary author that both Karm and I love: Mr. C.S. Lewis. 

So I say cheers to an epic "Quotable Monday", which is a series of inspirational quotes that you can share on Twitter directly from this blog. I also added some extra quotes that I've liked this past week to cheer you on the rest of this week. 

Don't you just love C.S. Lewis? I mean his ability to say so much with such few words will never cease to amaze me. Have you read something uplifting lately? Please do share in the comment section below and I will check it out. For more quotes and uplifting words check out my Instagram. Also, stay tuned for many exciting things that I will share with you this week! 

Get FREE Printable quote here



7 Episodes Of The Jess Lively Show That You Must Listen

hello darlings!
So I thought I would let you in on one of my latest interests and the reason for which I was, for a very short period of time, an almost acceptable dish-washing wife. Thanks to Sarah from Cake over Steak, I was introduced to the Jess Lively Show, an amazing series of podcasts in which great bloggers, entrepreneurs, and just all-around inspirational people share their journeys. Before I share some of my favorite episodes, I want to point out that Jess Lively is awesome and I think she is a genius for putting this whole show together. I love how she keeps the guests on track by asking relevant questions.  I admire how she has built this platform for great people's stories to be shared and highlighted. Here are 7 of my favorite episodes and why I liked them so much. 

I was immediately drawn to this episode because I recognized the name of the online magazine that I already follow and enjoy. I am the kind of person that loves stories so I enjoyed listening to this guest's story and how candidly she shared it. I loved that she openly talked about letting go of bad relationships or anything that could hold you back and about being single in her 30's. I must say that by the end of that interview, I seriously started considering Crossfit. 

I think this was the first episode I ever heard, and it was honestly because I was drawn to the blog name. I mean after all, Yellow is my favorite color. I also loved some of her pointers on getting things done and got a good laugh when I learned that her business started when she gave her husband a picture of the dog that he was dreaming of as opposed to getting him a real one. The reason I found that to be really funny is because I have been thinking of doing that for my husband because he dreams of getting an English bulldog that would clearly not fit in our tiny apartment. 

This episode was really life changing for me. I had followed this blog for some time but listening to this episode really gave an insight into the "minimalist" part of this bloggers lifestyle which as some of you know, is something I value a lot. I loved her philosophy on cutting back on things we don't fully enjoy to do more of what we really want. 

This was one of my favorite episodes just because of how authentically she tells her story and the simplicity she exudes. Really looking forward to checking out her book. 

The lady behind this company simply rocks and her product is really cool. She had interesting views on how to divide her day and how to set clear boundaries in terms of how we let social media take over our lives. 

Ok, this lady is by far one of my favorite bloggers ever. Her colorful style and her really beautiful Target collections are just fabulous. I am always impressed with her accomplishments and on how her blog is a well of inspiration. She is definitely someone I look up to in terms of a creative business woman. 

I had heard of this concept through the grapevine (actually from a couple of friends on Instagram) and I loved the concept and read a post from Valerie from Val Marie Paper and it made me curious about the concept. So I was very happy to hear this interview and just be exposed to this sweet blogger and her sincere approach to shaving off some excess out of our lives. I plan on using her planner and let you know about it. 

After watching each episode be sure to read the show notes, there are literally so many helpful links there that I would not want you to miss! Also, if I were you, I  would download the podcast app and write a review. 

Do you listen to any podcasts? If you do, please, please let me know which ones! 



Quotable Mondays Week 8

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian darlings out there!

Between watching the Girlmore Girls and cleaning out our soon to be beautiful terrace, we ran off to have a small picnic for two by the beach. As we ate we talked about the things that we are thankful for and watched the sunset. In short, this day has been wonderful. Basically, you sometimes just need to get out and breathe fresh air! So it's the end of the day but before it's over I am sharing some inspirational quotes that you can share on Twitter directly from this blog. 

Struggles often reveal our strength. Don't give up just yet!




Sometimes I should not be praying for a lighter load but rather for a stronger back

- (adapted from a friend's status)

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

-Psalm 34:8

Love this


a lot. Simple but true.

All these quotes share a common theme of encouragement for when we find ourselves in difficult

situations. After all, we have all had rocks in our shoes before. So I just wanted to empathize and share a bit of encouragement.

Have a wonderful week!


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Faith Post | 5 Scriptures To Keep in Mind When Facing Temptation

It's Friday darlings and I can hardly believe it!

This has been a rough week, but it has not been without some great highlights like these beautifully delicious, Fall pancakes that I made along with a couple of of my mom's recipes. What can I say, in this household we love good food! Today, for Friday's faith post, I would like to talk about temptation and how we respond to God's invitation to fight it. Here are 5 verses that have helped me in my journey and that constantly give me hope and strength. 

To be tempted is not a sin, it is rather an invitation to sin that we choose to accept or not. I think this was monumental for me to understand in my journey with God because sometimes I would feel guilty about the thoughts that would suddenly come to my mind or of the opportunities that were presented to me that I knew would not bring me any good. 

We've all been there, at that crucial point of decision; choosing between following our impulses, our thoughts, our present desires or resisting for our own good. I really like this video about this subject, you may enjoy it as well. 

1. No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

When getting to know God, one of the first and most difficult things to do is to learn to trust him. But once we understand that He has our own good in mind, this verse can only add hope and bring us the peace that no matter how I am tempted, it will never be above what I can handle. I have certainly sometimes felt like God was overestimating my strength because the temptations seemed too appealing, too hard to resist. But after resisting, I realized that in Him I am stronger than I think. 

2. Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. (James 1:13,14)

Not everyone is tempted by the same things, but each one of us has a weakness and it is through that that particular area that we will be tempted. As we grow and get deeper in our journey of knowing our Creator, our hearts start to be changed and our desires as well. That is why, with time, the things that at some point may have been a stumbling block may now seem insignificant. 

3. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (...) For when I am weak, then I am strong.

This is crazy-powerful secret that may be often overlooked. Sometimes in the face of temptation, we may feel like we must be "Superwoman" or "Superman", confronting certain things as opposed to walking away from them or simply admitting that we can't do it on our own. God is not asking us to be super people, instead, He reminds us that when we are out of strength and resources, we can turn to Him because His strength can shine through in our moment of weakness. 

4. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

Most of my temptations and battles start in my mind and this passage constantly reminds me that my thinking patterns must consistently be renewed. In order to empty my mind I must put something new in it and what I choose to renew my mind with could be anything. However, I choose to fill my mind the Word of God, positivity, and truth. 

5. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrew 4:14-16)

God is my source of strength in my darkest moments and when I have a need or when I do fail, I have a place to go with confidence. 

Have a great weekend beautiful people! 

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