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Make it | Limeade Iced Lollies (Popsicles) over at Cellardoor Magazine

Hello Darlings,

Today I am over at Cellardoor Magazine sharing one of my favorite summer inventions, three Limeade Popsicle recipes or Iced Lollies like they are called in the UK. I had so much fun putting this recipe together for this online magazine full of darling inspiration.

The inspiration was born on the day I treated myself to a ZOKU Pop maker. It is honestly fantastic and I am so happy I got it. My only regret would be not getting it earlier in the summer.

♥ The Californian| Passion Fruit, Spicy Limeade Lolly
♥ Forget-me-not | Lime and Basil Ice Lolly
♥ Herbal Sweet| Rosemary, Mint and Kiwi Limeade Lolly

If you are dying to know how to make them be sure to check out their website and if you decide to make one (or all three) tag me on your social media. 



Make it | Chocolate Banana Frozen Pops

Hello Darlings!

Right before we all dive into our weekend here is the easiest summer all natural desert for any of your  summer barbecues, parties or for your children. This is a twist on classical frozen desert my mother would make for us growing up. 

Chocolate Banana Frozen Pops
(Each banana can make 2 pops)

Chocolate for fondue
Popsicle sticks
Toppings (nuts, shredded coconut, granola but you can add anything you would like)

Start off by peeling the bananas and cutting them in half. Insert the popsicle stick and freeze it for about 1 hour. A few minutes before taking the bananas out of the freezer, melt the chocolate (according to instructions) and put it in a bowl to start dipping your frozen bananas. After dipping them in chocolate, quickly dip them in the toppings you would like to add. 

Place each "Choco-banana" pop on a cookie sheet, lined with wax paper and put it back in the freezer until you are ready to serve them. 

What is your easiest summer treat? What about your favorite childhood desert? Check out another recipe involving chocolate and favorite summer salad.