Happy Thanksgiving Darlings! 

So today is a festive day and for the first time, we will be celebrating this holiday season away from our family because we chose to stay on our little island. Though it may be a bit nostalgic, it will also be an opportunity to make new traditions and our own sweet memories with our friends. We already have some plans in mind that I will share with you in the next few days. 

Today, my "piece de resistance"...drum roll....

Cheese and Pumpkin Flan (you may take a little break from reading to do a happy dance).

This is a recipe passed down to me from my mother-in-law and happens to be a Puerto Rican classic, especially during this festive time. Now you can add it to your holiday menu.

Cheese and Pumpkin, Coconut Flan

Makes 2 flans

What you will need:

- 2 Cans of condensed milk 

- 2 Cans of coconut milk (or evaporated milk)

- 10 eggs

- 2 spoons of vanilla extract 

- 4 ounces of Cream Cheese

- 1/2 a can pumpkin puree

- 1 cup of white sugar

Pour the condensed milk, one can of coconut milk, the eggs, the cream cheese and the vanilla in the mixer and blend until everything is incorporated. Then, add the second can of coconut milk and pumpkin puree and finish blending everything together and put aside. 

For the caramel:

Pour 1 cup of granulated sugar into a pan (no water) with low heat until it is melted and golden. It is important that you don't let it burn because it can become bitter quickly. Turn on the oven and set at 350 degrees. 

Pour the melted sugar caramel in the mold, then pour the batter you first prepared on top of it, without filling it all up to the top. Flan cooks in the oven in "bain-marie" (double boiler) so before you put the pan you prepared in the oven, prepare a larger container (that is oven safe) with a bit of water in which you will place the pan with batter to cook for 1h30 mins at 350 degrees.

After an 1hour 30 minutes (depending on your oven, it may be a bit more) check if your flan is cooked  by putting a fork in the center of it, if it comes out clean...it means it's ready! (you can see in one of my pictures a bunch of fork marks and it's because it was my first time!) When it's ready let it cool and put in the fridge for about 2 hours before serving. After cooling, you may transfer it to a prettier dish (it usually goes upside down for the caramel to appear on top).

As you can see, I experimented with different pans and made a square one, some mini ones and I plan on doing a few more to gift to people. Hope you have a wonderful day with whoever you call family and friends. Stay tuned as I post pictures of what we will do today.