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I can hardly believe that it's Thursday already! Today I am so thrilled to be over at HeartBeet Kitchen with a guest post about our life in Puerto Rico through the lens of our taste buds. Amanda was so kind to invite me to be interviewed in her beautiful blog and talk about my favorite Boricua food and eating habits since I've been living in Puerto Rico. 

"Sparkling waves, salty breeze, a serenade by the Coquí every night, delicious fresh fruit, tasty spices (sazón) and much more are part of our everyday life on the enchanted Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. I am Valerie and I am the author of Nuance and Bubbles Blog and for the past year and a half I have been living in San Juan, Puerto Rico with my husband, the person I describe as the one who is better than the man of my dreams. The way we ended up here is an interesting story but we are glad Providence led us this way. Something we felt was a detour led us to what has been a caribbean newlywed bliss, full of exploring (see pictures here), self-discovery and the acquiring of many new skills that I never imagined I’d have the time to learn.

Amanda and I are still not sure how we started our social media interactions, all we know is that it has quickly turned into a great online friendship. You more than anyone know how wonderful her blog is with all those delicious yet easy to follow recipes. She is one of the few bloggers that has really inspired me to actually try her tasty recipes. I love her simplistic approach to food and how she can make a classic staple look exceptional. She has really encouraged a food blog lover like me to not only limit my food love to the pages of the internet, but to also bring it to life in our kitchen.
I hope you will head over to her blog and read the rest of the post and while you are there enjoy this blogger's amazing recipes and maybe been get her new book called "Smitten with squash".  

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