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Between Lenses | A Picture About Movement

Hello Darlings, 

I am back today to share my picture for the photography collaboration that is organized by these two ladies. This month's theme is "movement" which was a very fun theme to photograph. 

My husband and I usually go on photography dates in which we try to seize moments in unusual ways so that I can later use them for my blog or for anything really. We sometimes walk or drive around our neighborhood looking for cool walls to take pictures on. 

I chose this picture because, despite being an unplanned shot it turned out to be our favorite one. We wanted to do one depicting the movement of hair.

When I think of movement, I think of time and how fast it moves. We may get a little lazy and feel like slowing down from time to time but time never stops. To be honest I never really thought about time until after I turned 25 years old. It was like all of a sudden I became aware of society's expectations concerning my age and my life plan. Since then, my view on those things have changed a bit and I have found peace with using my time to better serve those around me because after I leave this earth, I will take none of what I planned except the good I planted in people's hearts and how I valued and cared for them. How would you depict movement? 

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♥ For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.



Between Lenses | Colours of Puerto Rico

Hello Darlings,

It is that time again! I'm joining the "Between lenses" photography collaboration put together by two bloggers Tara and Trina . As you have probably noticed, I like to join other bloggers' online collaborations, especially when related to photography since this is one of my new found passions. This is the third month that I join. See previous ones here and here

This month I am very excited to share my picture since the theme is COLOR! Colors and patterns are a huge part in my life (I mean I have not one but two Pinterest boards dedicated to color). Not only do I constantly surround myself with color, juxtaposing it according to my mood, but I also find it to be a way of expressing my personality, emotions, and creativity. 

Last week marked one year since I moved to the "enchanted Island" of Puerto Rico (learn more about it here & here), an island known for its colorful, spaniard inspired walls of Old San Juan. My husband and I never get tired of walking those streets and once in a while I like to feature them here.  

I really had a hard time picking the picture that would make it to this post, because my love for color is manifested in so many others. I finally picked this picture taken by le hubby in one of those newly painted walls during one of our dates. I like it because of the vivid contrast of that rich orange and the green pattern of my clutch. It represents boldness and warmth, speaking without words of the tropical Island from which it was taken. 

When I think of color in the context in which I live now, I think of how the colorful scenery reflects the mosaic of skin colors of which the Puertorican people are made of. Color is powerful and history constantly reminds us of that. So when I look at the diverse shades of skin color, I read in them centuries of heritage, history, culture and beauty. 

Here is an extra shot of a terrace we like in Old San Juan. What do you think? Are you a bright color person or do you prefer a muted pallet? Either way we can be friends! Be sure to check the other bloggers participating. My personal favorites are from Narrative, Fernaly , Jessica Marcotte and Champagne and Chambray



Between Lenses | Warmth

Hello Darlings!

I am back with what would've been the photography collaboration called "Between Lenses" organized by bloggers Tara and Trina. Last month, I joined them for the first time to depict "fresh", and, although too late to be linked up, this month I am back to share my "warmth" picture. This an awesome project, I hope you will check all the other pictures that have been submitted as well.  

When I think of warmth, I instantly think of a mother's embrace. I think of warm sand hugging your toes as you walk barefoot on the beach on a sunny day; a fresh cup of coffee with a belgian waffle with the person you love on a breezy Caribbean evening. The showers and increasing warmth of April prove that, yet again, new life is blooming. It is like a promise unfolding right before our eyes. 

Interestingly enough, I've experienced that the first indication of that long, awaited warmth is not necessarily given to us by our skin, but by our eyes. I've seen it happen where the winter cold lasts into April. It's the bright green shooting up from the snow that's gives away that warmth will soon come. I now live on an eternally warm yet breezy Island where colors and warmth go hand in hand. The vibrant colors of the picture below, make the term "warmth" almost tangible. It depicts the colorful walls of the houses on this Island, the blooms that farmers bring to the market on Saturday morning and the proximity of the beach. 

I first shared this picture on a "date" post. How would you describe warmth? 

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