Hello Darlings, 

I am back today to share my picture for the photography collaboration that is organized by these two ladies. This month's theme is "movement" which was a very fun theme to photograph. 

My husband and I usually go on photography dates in which we try to seize moments in unusual ways so that I can later use them for my blog or for anything really. We sometimes walk or drive around our neighborhood looking for cool walls to take pictures on. 

I chose this picture because, despite being an unplanned shot it turned out to be our favorite one. We wanted to do one depicting the movement of hair.

When I think of movement, I think of time and how fast it moves. We may get a little lazy and feel like slowing down from time to time but time never stops. To be honest I never really thought about time until after I turned 25 years old. It was like all of a sudden I became aware of society's expectations concerning my age and my life plan. Since then, my view on those things have changed a bit and I have found peace with using my time to better serve those around me because after I leave this earth, I will take none of what I planned except the good I planted in people's hearts and how I valued and cared for them. How would you depict movement? 

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♥ For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.