Hello Darlings,

It is that time again! I'm joining the "Between lenses" photography collaboration put together by two bloggers Tara and Trina . As you have probably noticed, I like to join other bloggers' online collaborations, especially when related to photography since this is one of my new found passions. This is the third month that I join. See previous ones here and here

This month I am very excited to share my picture since the theme is COLOR! Colors and patterns are a huge part in my life (I mean I have not one but two Pinterest boards dedicated to color). Not only do I constantly surround myself with color, juxtaposing it according to my mood, but I also find it to be a way of expressing my personality, emotions, and creativity. 

Last week marked one year since I moved to the "enchanted Island" of Puerto Rico (learn more about it here & here), an island known for its colorful, spaniard inspired walls of Old San Juan. My husband and I never get tired of walking those streets and once in a while I like to feature them here.  

I really had a hard time picking the picture that would make it to this post, because my love for color is manifested in so many others. I finally picked this picture taken by le hubby in one of those newly painted walls during one of our dates. I like it because of the vivid contrast of that rich orange and the green pattern of my clutch. It represents boldness and warmth, speaking without words of the tropical Island from which it was taken. 

When I think of color in the context in which I live now, I think of how the colorful scenery reflects the mosaic of skin colors of which the Puertorican people are made of. Color is powerful and history constantly reminds us of that. So when I look at the diverse shades of skin color, I read in them centuries of heritage, history, culture and beauty. 

Here is an extra shot of a terrace we like in Old San Juan. What do you think? Are you a bright color person or do you prefer a muted pallet? Either way we can be friends! Be sure to check the other bloggers participating. My personal favorites are from Narrative, Fernaly , Jessica Marcotte and Champagne and Chambray