Hello Darlings!

I am back with what would've been the photography collaboration called "Between Lenses" organized by bloggers Tara and Trina. Last month, I joined them for the first time to depict "fresh", and, although too late to be linked up, this month I am back to share my "warmth" picture. This an awesome project, I hope you will check all the other pictures that have been submitted as well.  

When I think of warmth, I instantly think of a mother's embrace. I think of warm sand hugging your toes as you walk barefoot on the beach on a sunny day; a fresh cup of coffee with a belgian waffle with the person you love on a breezy Caribbean evening. The showers and increasing warmth of April prove that, yet again, new life is blooming. It is like a promise unfolding right before our eyes. 

Interestingly enough, I've experienced that the first indication of that long, awaited warmth is not necessarily given to us by our skin, but by our eyes. I've seen it happen where the winter cold lasts into April. It's the bright green shooting up from the snow that's gives away that warmth will soon come. I now live on an eternally warm yet breezy Island where colors and warmth go hand in hand. The vibrant colors of the picture below, make the term "warmth" almost tangible. It depicts the colorful walls of the houses on this Island, the blooms that farmers bring to the market on Saturday morning and the proximity of the beach. 

I first shared this picture on a "date" post. How would you describe warmth? 

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