Hello darlings,

I am not sure how else can I say it, but I love this month so much! And my love is reflected in how inspired I am and how much I want to share with you. I love February because it is my birthday month, most people celebrate love and friendship on Valentine's day, and it's Black History month! What is there not to love? 

For those of you who follow my blog on Instagram, you know that every week I share inspirational quotes based on my personal devotional and reflection time. I write them, design them (through apps or my own photography), and shortly reflect on them (captions are both in English and Spanish). 

In my walk of faith, I have made a habit of doing a daily personal meditation time based on the word of God. I must say that life gets crazy and I sometimes have to fight to have some "me" quiet time with God and His word. Personally, I prefer to follow a devotional plan (because it helps my scattered brain) and in the past year, I have been using "She reads Truth" through my "You version" bible app. 

Today I finished a 17-day reading plan based on the story of Nehemiah and I loved it so much. It is so simple and short that you can't help but enjoy it.

I have found that these quiet times with my creator have become a sort of retreat. I keep it simple but special by keeping a journal or some notes (the app has that feature), by just savoring quiet time and by talking to my heavenly father about what is on my mind. Many times, when I pick a book or passage of the Bible to read, it often resonates with my present situation and gives me peace. That quiet time helps me unwind, chew on, and think through promises and truths that guide me.

Through these mini retreats, I have discovered that God is not interested in a one-way relationship. Of course we can talk to Him in prayer, but when we take time to stop talking and meditate on His words, we can truly understand His heart and His love for us, in a more profound way. We can hear Him speak. 

What are you currently reading or meditating on? I would love to now! 

Here is a recap of the month of January. To read more about it, follow my blog on Instagram. I hope you enjoy it!