Photography | Best Picture Editing Apps For My blog

Happy Saturday Darlings! 

I usually don't post on Saturdays but I promised a second photography post this week so, here it is! Behold, my list of the best, picture editing apps that work better for my blog and for the things I do in social media. I am by no means an expert; I am learning everyday, and in the past year I have had the time to finally experiment a lot more with my camera and IPhone.  


I've had quite a few requests pertaining to my photography and how I edit my pictures. I just want to point out that having an app list does not make the picture. In my first


about photography I share a little more on how to develop a style that people can recognize and maybe even keep them coming over and over again to your blog or site. However, it is up to you to experiment and endlessly take pictures. As you do, you will see how your eye will develop a sensitivity to beauty in unexpected places. 

VSCO Cam App

Cost: Free

This is my absolute favorite picture editing app ever. I love their minimalist brand and talented community online. The filters are beautiful and subtle. This style is definitely not for everyone but I use it every single day to edit my pictures.


is a video on how to use it. Favorite filters: F2, HB1, HB2

Instagram App

Cost: Free

As I have mentioned before, Instagram is my favorite social media platform for a myriad of reasons but mainly due to the fact that I am visual and I love to look at pretty pictures. I wish I could get paid to look at Instagram accounts all day! (If you hear of a job like that please let me know). I never take pictures through the app itself, instead I use the camera that comes with the Iphone. I do that because I like to have a raw copy of my picture (higher quality) and that way I can always go back later and edit it in different ways. I also consistently use features from the recent update that allows you to brighten and contrast your pictures. 


Cost: Free

This app is useful because besides having interesting filters, it also has cool things that you can do with your pictures without it being cheesy (if you know what I mean). Favorite filter: Row | I like Light leak film effect | Silhouettes that you can add to your pictures. Note: You can also resize your picture for Instagram if it's not square. 

Party Party App

Cost: $0.99

Is a new app that one of my favorite bloggers just launched that makes multiple photo collages (that can look like Photo Booth strips) and gifs all within the app. It is a truly fun app and it is properly named.  

Diptic App

Cost: Free

The main function of this app is to make picture collages from your existing albums (camera roll, VSCO or Instagram). I don't know much about it because I honestly only use it for simple, multiple picture collages, like the ones in the Coups de Coeur posts. 

Photoshop Express App

Cost: Free

This app acts like a portable version of photoshop. One of the coolest things about this app is the blemish and fog removal ability. I don't use it a lot but I did use it recently and liked the result. 



 (using your photography or not)

My advice when making a quote with photography is to use your own words or your own inspiration, and your own photography but make sure to watermark it to get the credit no matter how many times it is shared online. I prefer to edit my pictures first and I then upload them to different apps to create the art I like. 


Cost: $0.99

I made


quote for Pinterest, with this app using my own photography, which is something I like to do. The app also has a lot of pretty floral add ons that I  personally dig. I think the trick is to use enough but not over do it. 

Word Swag

Cost: Free (but you have to pay to unlock certain features)

This is my favorite quote making app because of how easy and clean the designs are. 

I made this


using the app and it has been a success with bringing traffic back to my blog. 

Beautiful Mess App

Cost: $0.99 (you can purchase extra features on the app)

This app is so much fun and it's made by the same bloggers that made the Party Party App (mentioned above). It has quirky doodles, fun fonts with pre-made stickers for your pictures, but it also allows you to add your own text. 

I like

this post

I read about editing apps that you may also like. What are your favorite picture editing apps? Do you use any apps for quotes?  Do tell by sharing below in the comment section! 



Between Lenses | A Picture About Movement

Hello Darlings, 

I am back today to share my picture for the photography collaboration that is organized by these two ladies. This month's theme is "movement" which was a very fun theme to photograph. 

My husband and I usually go on photography dates in which we try to seize moments in unusual ways so that I can later use them for my blog or for anything really. We sometimes walk or drive around our neighborhood looking for cool walls to take pictures on. 

I chose this picture because, despite being an unplanned shot it turned out to be our favorite one. We wanted to do one depicting the movement of hair.

When I think of movement, I think of time and how fast it moves. We may get a little lazy and feel like slowing down from time to time but time never stops. To be honest I never really thought about time until after I turned 25 years old. It was like all of a sudden I became aware of society's expectations concerning my age and my life plan. Since then, my view on those things have changed a bit and I have found peace with using my time to better serve those around me because after I leave this earth, I will take none of what I planned except the good I planted in people's hearts and how I valued and cared for them. How would you depict movement? 

Look at my previous contributions to this photography project. Here ,here and here

♥ For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.



Between Lenses | Colours of Puerto Rico

Hello Darlings,

It is that time again! I'm joining the "Between lenses" photography collaboration put together by two bloggers Tara and Trina . As you have probably noticed, I like to join other bloggers' online collaborations, especially when related to photography since this is one of my new found passions. This is the third month that I join. See previous ones here and here

This month I am very excited to share my picture since the theme is COLOR! Colors and patterns are a huge part in my life (I mean I have not one but two Pinterest boards dedicated to color). Not only do I constantly surround myself with color, juxtaposing it according to my mood, but I also find it to be a way of expressing my personality, emotions, and creativity. 

Last week marked one year since I moved to the "enchanted Island" of Puerto Rico (learn more about it here & here), an island known for its colorful, spaniard inspired walls of Old San Juan. My husband and I never get tired of walking those streets and once in a while I like to feature them here.  

I really had a hard time picking the picture that would make it to this post, because my love for color is manifested in so many others. I finally picked this picture taken by le hubby in one of those newly painted walls during one of our dates. I like it because of the vivid contrast of that rich orange and the green pattern of my clutch. It represents boldness and warmth, speaking without words of the tropical Island from which it was taken. 

When I think of color in the context in which I live now, I think of how the colorful scenery reflects the mosaic of skin colors of which the Puertorican people are made of. Color is powerful and history constantly reminds us of that. So when I look at the diverse shades of skin color, I read in them centuries of heritage, history, culture and beauty. 

Here is an extra shot of a terrace we like in Old San Juan. What do you think? Are you a bright color person or do you prefer a muted pallet? Either way we can be friends! Be sure to check the other bloggers participating. My personal favorites are from Narrative, Fernaly , Jessica Marcotte and Champagne and Chambray



Between Lenses | Warmth

Hello Darlings!

I am back with what would've been the photography collaboration called "Between Lenses" organized by bloggers Tara and Trina. Last month, I joined them for the first time to depict "fresh", and, although too late to be linked up, this month I am back to share my "warmth" picture. This an awesome project, I hope you will check all the other pictures that have been submitted as well.  

When I think of warmth, I instantly think of a mother's embrace. I think of warm sand hugging your toes as you walk barefoot on the beach on a sunny day; a fresh cup of coffee with a belgian waffle with the person you love on a breezy Caribbean evening. The showers and increasing warmth of April prove that, yet again, new life is blooming. It is like a promise unfolding right before our eyes. 

Interestingly enough, I've experienced that the first indication of that long, awaited warmth is not necessarily given to us by our skin, but by our eyes. I've seen it happen where the winter cold lasts into April. It's the bright green shooting up from the snow that's gives away that warmth will soon come. I now live on an eternally warm yet breezy Island where colors and warmth go hand in hand. The vibrant colors of the picture below, make the term "warmth" almost tangible. It depicts the colorful walls of the houses on this Island, the blooms that farmers bring to the market on Saturday morning and the proximity of the beach. 

I first shared this picture on a "date" post. How would you describe warmth? 

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I love me: Instagram Inspiration Recap

Hello darlings,

I am not sure how else can I say it, but I love this month so much! And my love is reflected in how inspired I am and how much I want to share with you. I love February because it is my birthday month, most people celebrate love and friendship on Valentine's day, and it's Black History month! What is there not to love? 

For those of you who follow my blog on Instagram, you know that every week I share inspirational quotes based on my personal devotional and reflection time. I write them, design them (through apps or my own photography), and shortly reflect on them (captions are both in English and Spanish). 

In my walk of faith, I have made a habit of doing a daily personal meditation time based on the word of God. I must say that life gets crazy and I sometimes have to fight to have some "me" quiet time with God and His word. Personally, I prefer to follow a devotional plan (because it helps my scattered brain) and in the past year, I have been using "She reads Truth" through my "You version" bible app. 

Today I finished a 17-day reading plan based on the story of Nehemiah and I loved it so much. It is so simple and short that you can't help but enjoy it.

I have found that these quiet times with my creator have become a sort of retreat. I keep it simple but special by keeping a journal or some notes (the app has that feature), by just savoring quiet time and by talking to my heavenly father about what is on my mind. Many times, when I pick a book or passage of the Bible to read, it often resonates with my present situation and gives me peace. That quiet time helps me unwind, chew on, and think through promises and truths that guide me.

Through these mini retreats, I have discovered that God is not interested in a one-way relationship. Of course we can talk to Him in prayer, but when we take time to stop talking and meditate on His words, we can truly understand His heart and His love for us, in a more profound way. We can hear Him speak. 

What are you currently reading or meditating on? I would love to now! 

Here is a recap of the month of January. To read more about it, follow my blog on Instagram. I hope you enjoy it!