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what will this workshop cover?

the first workshop in Puerto rico that teaches you how to create your own visual content SUCCESSFULLy, in one day.

one workshop. loads of practical tools and up to a month's worth of content!

The community

build. communicate. provide. 

I will teach you how to organically build a community of great people who will love and share your beautiful content. You will learn how to authentically communicate your message and clearly put your products and message in front of as many potential clients as possible. Bonus: You'll receive tips on how to create an account that will make potential customers keep visiting your social platforms and even how to be featured in influential and favorite Instagram accounts.

The Look 

beautiful. consistent. relevant.

Here you will find practical, applicable photography tips to bring your Instagram marketing to a whole new level. Learn how to seamlessly create and maintain a social media calendar and a cohesive feed that flows to better serve your audience. From shooting, to editing, writing and planning. It's all here. 

The backend 

algorithm. copyrights. decoded 

This workshop will help you navigate the backend of this platform, including the legal points you need to know in order to protect your content. 


inspiration vs imitation. useful shortcuts  

We have all seen images and content we wish we could replicate. This workshop will give you practical tips on how to copy the "right" way, providing you with practical tips on how to use what inspires you and translating it into your own imagery and brand without plagiarizing. 

create your own content

supervised content creation. for a whole month. 

Using the theory this workshop will provide, you will learn how to create your own studio, how to style pictures in order to highlight your product or services while telling a compelling story. You will be able to create up to a month's worth of beautiful, edited content.   


This workshop is for entrepreneurs and creatives that want to take charge of their own social media "the easy and efficient" way.

This workshop has been created for anyone who is willing to learn and implement what they've learned to use social media as one of their best allies in getting their content out there. Each workshop is for 1 (owner or director of the company) and 2 assistants max. Preferably the people who will be in charge of social media outreach. 


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