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A Guide To My Favorite Hats For Fall & Where To Find Them

hello darlings!

Today I bring you a short user guide to hats, in order to answer many of the questions I get about my own. Also, I thought I could help out some of you since a new season calls for new accessories, does it not? I have loved hats for as long as I can remember, and I've had quite a few through the years. Hats, along with rings and lipstick are my three favorite accessories because of how they can add that simple missing touch to the simplest of outfits but also because of how versatile they can be. I am also known for always air drying my hair and rarely brushing it, so a hat always does the trick to hide any "no time for washing hair" or a plain bad hair day. In this post I attempt to declassify some of the names of the hats that are a huge hit at the moment. I've also included my favorite places to shop for these hats; that way replicating some of your favorite looks will be "easy peasy." 

Floppy hat
I've had this black floppy hat for over 4 years and when it's well maintained it can look beautiful for a long time. Because it has a wide brim and is floppy, it adds a subtle dramatic effect to your overall look. Like most hats it can be worn when you are dressed up or with a more casual outfit as well. I am eyeing this one, but I also like how perfect this other one is for fall and winter even.

Bowler (or sometimes called modern cloche hat)
These are ADORABLE hats and I have yet to own one of these cuties. However, it will be added to my collection soon. Here , here and here you can find options in black, another one in straw (to get more of the Anne of green Gables look). The straw one is not for fall but since I live on a tropical Island I thought I would include a summer option in there as well. 

Panama Hat
These hats are traditionally the straw ones you see selling everywhere during spring and summer season. It is the hat that has a deep dent on the top part of it, giving it a particular look.  However herehere , here and here are some examples of fall versions of those hats.

Fedora hat
Most of the hats you will find have the traditional look of a fedora though they sometimes could have wider brims without being floppy. I have a couple and I gathered a couple of options here , here and here that are very similar. This Etsy store actually makes the hat to your own measurements and they have quite a wide range of beautiful hats and headpieces. I am in love with this grey one.

Beret Hat
When I moved to this tropical island I narrowed down my berets to only one and also one beanie for when I would travel to see my family during the cold months. A beret is usually associated with that effortless but chic french look, so if you ever wanted to rock one, Fall is the best time for it! Here is the one I have, another one I found in this Etsy shop sells many vintage hat options and this one. 

Beanie Hat
These are so comfy and perfect for the colder days in fall. I get nostalgic when I think that I don't wear them anymore because of the eternal summer here but herehere and here are some examples for you to wear them this year. 

Riding hat (or boater hat)
These are the hats that have a stiff top and brim. This kind of hat is traditionally a  man hat. Mine was passed on from my father-in-law and as you can see below or on Instagram, it will look just as beautiful on women as well. This type of hat simply sits on your head stiffly so it may sometimes feel a bit disconcerting not to feel the hat snug around the crown of your head but be reassured, that how it's supposed to feel. Find a beautiful one here , here and here for less.