Hey darlings! 
So le hubby and I just celebrated our anniversary a couple of weeks ago and it was perfect. Time and time again, I am reminded that less is more.
We wanted to have a low-key celebration, because we are planning a bigger trip at the end of the year. So, le hubby and I put our brains together and crafted the perfect weekend. It started with a surprise celebration from the church we pastor that included tons of cake, gifts, and love. Later that evening, we had planned a backyard dinner that would include café lights, tropical breeze, the best playlist, awesome take out (not sure if the joy came solely from the food or from the fact that we did not have to cook it) and each other's company. Our friend came right during the twilight hour to snap some pics and than left us to enjoy our evening. We danced, we sang, we talked, we had a heart to heart conversation about our dreams and about what we love about each other. It was perfect. I am still smiling about it. 

Thankful that every morning he wakes me up with a kiss and every night we cuddle but just for a bit because we each get hot and sleep a lot better on our own side haha! Love that he is my main foodie partner, which can sometimes work against us, but for what it's worth, we have enjoyed great food together and we have no regrets. Love that he lets me dream and gives me room to pursue them. He takes me seriously, even on my most hormonal day and has a killer smile. 

After being married for two years, from this side of the fence, I want to tell you: If you are waiting to fall in love, do it for the right reasons. God is never late. He knows what He is doing in each one of us. Our story and process looks different form one person to the next but one thing is universal. God will not mislead you. He has a purpose and a method to the madness. Be encouraged. Love is worth the wait. Read more about how this whole story began. 

I made my first Steller story and with these pictures and got featured on their main page so I decided to share here as well.