Where ever you are in your journey, I am glad it has led you here. Welcome to Nuance and Bubbles.


This is a visual and written compilation of inspirational and empowering messages for young women encouraging creativity, adventure, beauty and faith.


In this space you will also find inspirational, faith-based posts to encourage you on your journey to achieving your dreams and addressing matters of the heart from the view of the One who created it.

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Nuance: a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.


The Girl

I am Valerie and I am the author of Nuance and Bubbles. I am passionate about community, creating, styling, photography and writing. I've always liked stories and the small details in them that add beauty and charm. This blog is an extension of that, a celebration of the fact that beauty is in the details. I am currently pursuing a creative entrepreneurial career but I also have a passion for God and His word and so I travel to different places to teach and preach it creatively. 

I am Canadian from Montreal from Latino parents, now living on the Island of Puerto Rico with le hubby.  

The couple

After 6 months of marriage, my husband and I started pastoring an extraordinary group of people. We are also planting a church with a group of children here in Puerto Rico.  

10 things you probably did not know about me:

1. I usually hate mornings unless my husband is off. 

2. I always eat my pizza from the crust and back

3. I put lemon on everything. Everything. 

4. I have moved so many times that I have lost count. 

5. I unconsciously shake everything before buying it (food or objects) 

6. Snail mail packages, food and flowers make me very happy.

7. I speak 3 languages and I am trying to master 'boricua' (google it)

8. My biggest fears: discarded plastic bottles of water that are rapidly taking over the planet, marrying someone with extra fingers or toes (that did not happen thank God!), waking up one day to find that I lost my teeth and hair during the night, all insects and rodents, passive aggressive people and to get stuck doing what I am not passionate about.

9. I am a feminist. Not like Simone de Beauvoir but more like Jesus.  

10. I am only able to love people because God loved me first. (1 John 4:10)

This space is called nuance and bubbles because sometimes I will write about serious life changing truths but other times it will be trivial, fun and beautiful just like looking at life through a soap bubble reflecting all rainbow colors.